CMS iRacing GT3 Sprint Series 2023

We have an all-new season of racing to kick off 2023! Here at CMS we have been working hard to bring you the best iRacing championships we can, and this season is no exception! This season will see us back in the venerable GT3 cars, with some exciting changes to the format.

Pro/Am Championships

We are bringing back Pro/Am classes. All cars will still be on track together; you’re just competing for a different points championship. When you register, you will be able to choose your Pro or Am status based on your own self-assessed speed and skill level. The admins may reassign drivers during the season if necessary to maintain balance, or in the unlikely event a driver has chosen an inappropriate classification.

Race Format Variety

Instead of fixed length races for the entire season, we are going with a combination of single 60- or 75-minute races, and two-race heats with reverse grid on the second race.

Other Details

  • Weekly races every Wednesday night @8:35pm Eastern
  • Practice sessions every Tuesday night @8:35pm Eastern
  • Custom number plates (provided, but optional)

We are also collaborating with the iRacing Team Endurance Series (iRTES) to align our calendar with theirs, so we will be running the same track the week before the iRTES races.

How to Participate

All drivers must click the button on the left and complete the registration form.

Please request membership to the Champion Motorsports league in iRacing, if you are not already a member. Membership on the CMS Discord is also a requirement, as that is where we will send out race briefings and other important news.

There is no cost to race in this series, beyond of course your iRacing membership and any content you do not yet own.


We race every Wednesday night at 8:30pm Eastern. Race sessions are as follows:

  • 8:30pm – Open practice
  • 9:20pm – Drivers meeting
  • 9:25pm – Private qualifying (10 minutes, 2 laps)
  • 9:35pm – Race begins


Race# Date Location Format
n/a Dec 28, 2022 Pre-season: Monza 60-min
1 Jan 4, 2023 Spa-Francorchamps 75-min
2 Jan 11 Red Bull Ring Heats
3 Jan 18 Twin Ring Motegi 60-min
4 Jan 25 Nurburgring GP 60-min
5 Feb 1 Road Atlanta 75-min
6 Feb 8 Canadian Tire Motorsports Park 60-min
7 Feb 15 Road America 60-min
8 Feb 22 Watkins Glen Heats
9 Mar 1 Daytona 75-min

Race Details

Some details may be changed on a per-race basis. Please read the posted race briefing for the race carefully! Briefings are posted on Discord before each race.

  • Dynamic sky and weather, as well as a random track starting state
  • Drive-through penalties will be assessed automatically every 17 incident points.
  • One fast repair available for each race.
  • Drivers meeting will be held just before qualifying, using iRacing voice chat. All drivers must have voice chat enabled/unmuted during this period.
  • Voice chat during the race must be kept to a minimum (safety callouts only).
  • Come to the drivers’ lounge (🎧#iRacing General channel on Discord) after the race to hang out with some of your fellow racers. (Optional, but we don’t bite.)

Series Specifics

  • Race length and format will be different for every race. It will be either:
    • 60- or 75-minute single race, or
    • Two approx. 30-minute heat races, second race is reverse grid
  • We will be running open setups. Please check out the #setup-sharing channel on Discord, or talk to your fellow drivers in #discussion-weds if you are new to setups or would simply prefer to have a good setup from someone else.


Pro and Am drivers will race on track together, but will be competing for separate championships. All drivers will receive points in their respective championship based on their overall finishing position.

Heat races will have separate points for each race that week with the first race approximately 40% of full points and the second race approximately 60% of full points. Points will add up to the equivalent of one full sprint race.

Please consult the points table for details.

You must complete 50% of your class race winner’s laps to earn points.

Car Changes

Drivers are permitted one car change per season, however points earned to date will be forfeit. Drivers that wish to change cars must notify series admins before the session opens on race night. Joining the session before notifying the admins may result in disqualification from that race. Changing cars more than once will not be permitted.

Drivers are locked into their classification (Pro or Am) for the season. Series admins may re-allocate drivers if needed.

Rules and Regulations

We follow all league rules as specified in the General Competition Rules at CMS, as well as the iRacing Sporting Code. All members are expected to understand and follow these rules at all times.

Should you be involved in an incident on track, we encourage you to talk to the other driver first. If you wish to escalate it to be reviewed by the stewards, you can fill out an Incident Review Request (IRR). All IRRs must be submitted between 12 and 60 hours after the race.

Everyone must be aware of the Orange Zone (OZ) for each race, as published in the drivers’ briefing. Incidents that occur in the OZ will be reviewed automatically. Stewards will impose higher penalties for any driver found to be at fault for an incident in the OZ.

Series Administrators

Your iRacing Wednesday night administrators are. in no particular order:

  • Ryan Thompson
  • Pierre Robitaille
  • Tim Collier
  • Liam Park

Please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us via DM if you have any questions or concerns.

Note that, by design, we have no say over penalties or other stewards’ decisions. If you have a question about a steward (IRR) ruling, please contact the chief steward, Jon Uyan.

This series has been created for one purpose only: fierce, friendly competition on the track with like-minded racers, providing a place for everyone to race and have a great time doing so.

While we have rules in place, we also don’t intend to add complication or pressure to perform on race night. We all started sim-racing from scratch, and regardless of your experience we want everyone to feel welcome here. So please, come in and make some friends and we’ll see you on the track!