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CMS MEMBER AND ADMIN PATRICE COTE RELEASES BRAND NEW VINTAGE TRACK FOR AC After years in the making, Mt-Tremblant 1969 (St-Jovite) in Canada was released this week. The track has received nothing but praise since it has gone public. The best part is that CMS Historics series is going to race on it this Sunday, May 22 with the Shelby GT350R, a match made in heaven!  There is still space on the grid for the brave souls daring to challenge this lil’ Nurburgring of the north. Give a shout in the Historics AC Discord channel. In its golden years it hosted F1 races, F5000, many editions of the CanAm and TransAm series and countless national-level events. All 60’s greats have all race there, from Mario Andretti to Jackie Stewart, Dan Gurney, Bruce McLaren and Mark Donohue, just to name a few. Come get more information on the track, including > more

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CMS Historics Summer Fun Events

CMS Historics will host fun events this summer on Assetto Corsa revisiting historical content that deserves a spin and brings a smile. Join us on Sunday nights at 9 pm Eastern US time for one-hour races at 3 classic tracks. Series Information If you haven’t already, please join the Champion Motorsports Discord Server. Car set will change each race and will be announced two weeks in advance. See our #league-info channel on Discord for the latest information. Qualifying sessions are 15 minutes long beginning at 8:45 pm eastern US time on the night of each race. Races begin immediately following qualifying and a 2-minute delay. Pit stops are mandatory, you must stop for at least 1 liter of fuel (tire changes are optional). Server connection info, as well as download links for the mod and add-on tracks, are available in our #league-info channel on Discord  No registration needed, open to > more

AMS2 Friday Night Aussie Supercars

The V8 Supercars are absolute monsters with 640HP and a very (very!) responsive rear-wheel-drive powertrain that packs a lot of torque, so surgical throttle inputs are a must! Those adrenaline-packed machines will certainly provide some very good racing, with exciting and fun battles. In the best V8 supercars spirit, we will be running on classic Aussie circuits (Bathurst and Adelaide), plus three more venues to be voted by the general public. Be creative, anything goes. Think about the most fun places to tame those beasts while battling for the podium. To spice things up and create some variation on pitstop strategies we will be running with accelerated fuel usage (2x) and full damage simulation. No number of pitstops are required, so plan up at your own discretion. Series Calendar 3/19  60 Minutes of Suzuka| Test race to iron out any last-minute issues. 4/2    60 Minutes of Adelaide | > more

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VWSC 2.4 Hours of Le Mans

Feature by George Angelidis September 12, 2020 - Le Mans holds a special place in our hearts. More than any other race, it's a crucible in which new technology is forged, a technology that's directly relevant to the cars you or I drive on the road. And for 2 hours and 20 minutes (out of a 2h:24min race), this year's race belonged to Marco Antonio Rodriguez, which put on a fine show with his Oreca LMP2 race car. But racing can be a cruel, cruel sport and this year’s edition was crueler than most. Rodriguez lost his lead in a necessary “splash & dash” to make it to the end handing the win to Jason Whited. In GTE-Pro, it was smooth sailing for Yassin Marzoug while the other GTEs were facing problems. LMP2 In LMP2 class Jason Whited after the late pit stop by Marco Antonio Rodriguez was handed > more

NARS at The Green Hell 2020

Feature by George Angelidis April 30, 2020 – The Nürburgring. This is the world’s most challenging racetrack. 154 bends. 20.83km. Too dangerous for Formula 1. No wonder Jackie Stewart called it “The Green Hell”.  So, what is it, that brings us back here? What drives us to go faster? To push harder? And brake later? I guess it’s what we do. It’s what we have always done. So, did we do it? 20 drivers were brave enough to tackle the race! > more

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