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TCR/MX-5 Club Series at Interlagos

February 12, 2020 – Kicking off a new season of racing, the TCR/MX-5 Club Series went south to Brazil to the historic Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, otherwise known as Interlagos.

With two classes of cars racing simultaneously, there were many overtakes between and within classes all the way to the checkered flag.

In the TCR Class, Miguel Alcrudo would qualify on the pole and take an early lead, with his son Miguel Antonio Alcrudo hot on his tail. It was a father/son duel that wasn’t decided until the last lap, when Antonio Alcrudo would make the pass and hold on for the win! Not far behind them, Brian Szabelski would finish in third place, completing podium with a great run of his own.

The battles in the MX-5 class were from second place back, as Kurt Polter would take the pole position in qualifying, and then pull away steadily from the rest of the field throughout the race winning the race handily, and making a statement for the remainder of the season. Samuel Scott would finish second after starting from the rear of the field due to a qualifying issue, with Peter Hebron finishing in third and securing a good start to the season.

All 21 cars that started the race finished the 30 minute event and are now headed to Road Atlanta for Race #2 on February 26th!

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TCR/MX-5 Club Series at Interlagos

NARS Winter – Race 3: Eastern Creek

February 6, 2020 – Up front and pulling away was the norm for the winner of our NARS Winter Series Round 3 as Norm Graf took off and never looked back, although he did have to look up at one point as his car got put on it’s side after a misunderstanding with a curb while trying to maneuver thru traffic.With several of our regulars missing this round due to prior commitments the podium had some new faces as Jimmy Regan brought it home in second with Deuce Michaels not far behind waiting for any miscues.


NARS Winter Series - Race 3: Eastern Creek

TCR/MX-5 Pre-Season at Zolder

January 29, 2020 – The final pre-season race for the TCR/MX-5 Club Series at Zolder was, in few words, fast. With such a tight circuit and downright evil chicanes, the pace was quick and the race undecided until the end.

In the TCR class, Dave Slee took the pole position at the start, but was passed by Brian Szabelski on Lap 7 and the chase was on. It appeared Szabelski had a narrow lead on the penultimate lap, but a slight touch of grass while braking gave the lead and the win to Slee. After a tough start dealing with the MX5 traffic, Jacques Richard finished the race in third completing the podium.

The MX5 class was highly competitive, and Kurt Polter annihilated the field with his qualifying lap, but the race would be a different story. Gary Miller, in his first CMS outing, swapped the lead with Polter through the first half of the race, but in the end Polter would stretch his lead and take the class win. Miller would go on to finish second, with Ken Rodriguez hot on his bumper taking third place in class.

The official series begins on February 12th with a 30 minute race at Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace.


TCR / MX-5 Pre-Season Race at Zolder

NARS Winter Kickoff at Adelaide

January 23, 2020 – Starting with a strong grid and a wild race at Adelaide’s street circuit in the Supercars, the Thursday night NARS Winter Series is now underway. With one of the largest grids any NARS Series has seen in a while, Group A’s Elliot Budzinski took the pole position by over 1.2 seconds and went on to win the race. Elliot was followed onto the Group A podium by the always fast Norm Graf followed by Tyler Alan. Group B was won by Tom Nasella in a sterling but careful drive. Behind Tom was David Anderson and Paul Ibbotson to round out the Group B podium. Adelaide walls proved to be the greatest competitior and there were multiple heartbreak crashes in the final 2-3 laps after drivers had completed (almost) all of the 60 minute race. Some competitiors gambled a bit too much on the fuel tank and ran out of fuel in the last couple turns. It is hoped that some experiments with race settings will help to maintain excitement – and participation – through the 9 race series.


Elliot on the way to a win at Adelaide in the NARS Winter Series opener.

MNRL Camaro Club Series at Barber MSP

January 21, 2020 – The first, officially scored, MNRL Series 12 event is in the record books. The Camaro Club Challenge Series headed to the always exciting and highly challenging Barber Motorsports Park for the first two races of that series.

Joe Miller came out swinging, after taking the pole and winning Race 1. Janes Junior applied pressure for a large part of the race, but small errors forced him to abandon pursuit of the top spot. He retained P2, followed by Gilles Lalonde in P3.

In Seniors division, Peter Holm took the top spot while finishing an impressive P4 overall in the process. Jerry Hamilton took P2 and Tony Boynton rounded out the podium.

Race 2 saw a much improved start. Janes Junior took the early lead and led the entire race in his first ever MNRL win!

Jason Whited stayed collected in Race 2, after having very early troubles in Race 1 and finishing near the end of the field. He finished second.
Joe Miller rounded out the top 3.

Peter Holm drove to another victory in Seniors division, with an impressive drive that placed him P2 overall for a large part of Race 2.

Aaron Page finished P2, followed by Jerry Hamilton in finishing out the podium.

This series is still accepting new drivers, and the car has proven to be a challenge for all drivers, newcomers and veterans alike.

With 7 more rounds to follow, it should be an exciting test of driver skill. All are welcome!


MNRL Camaros at Barber Motorsports

MNRL 1998 CART Montreal Exhibition Race

January 14, 2020 – MNRL hosted the sole exhibition race of the 1998 CART series on January 14, 2020 at Montreal.

Seasoned drivers took to the front of the field, while newcomers showed early promise in what is surely a challenging car for nearly any driver.

Joe Miller set the pace early on, while pole sitter Jason Whited struggled at the start and fell back through the field in what was a chaotic first few corners. Surprisingly, nearly all drivers managed their way through the chaos without incident and the race was under way!

Newcomer Gui Cramer showed early promise, quickly finding himself in P2. A later, unfortunate incident, would see him eventually retire from the race early.
MNRL Season 11 Seniors Points Champion Jerry Hamilton won amongst the seniors group, while Whited (who’d spent a lot of time running P2) eventually chased down Miller and after a dramatic bit of struggle managed to take the overall win.

It was an exciting exhibition race and a teaser of the excellent action that will surely be seen in this high caliber series!

Round 1 of this series will take place on January 28, 2020 and registration is still open if you’d like to join in! All are welcome and invited!


MNRL 1998 CART Montreal Exhibition Race

Rally Poland Results

December 24, 2019 – Round 4 of the CMS Rally Championship Season 2 in Poland is in the books, and we have a repeat of last round’s podiums!

1. Michael Miesenberger
2. Tommi Neuvonen
3. Magnar Haarstadsveen

1. Michael Miesenberger
2. Tommi Neuvonen
3. Benjamin Klumpp


Full Results and Standings: 4WD and FWD

Rally Poland Results

CMS Greek Rally Segment Concludes

December 12, 2019 – Round three of the CMS Rally Championship took us to Greece. Here is how it shaped-up!


1st Place: Michael Miesenberger
2nd Place: Tommi Neuvonen
3rd Place: Magnar Haarstadsveen


1st Place: Michael Miesenberger
2nd Place: Tommi Neuvonen
3rd Place: Benjamin Klumpp

Congratulation to the winning podiums!

Full results, stats, and standings are available here:

4WD Results
FWD Results

CMS Rally Championship Greece

NARS at Watkins Glen

December 5, 2019 – Congratulations to Greg Hall for winning the final race of the 2019 NARS Autumn Series at Watkins Glen. Congratulations to Greg Hall, winner of 2019 NARS Autumn Series Group A, and to Jon Uyan, Winner of 2019 NARS Autumn Series Group A. Additional results are pending outstanding IRRs by the reviewing committee.


2019 NARS Autumn Series

ACC Sprint Finale – Spa Race 2

December 2, 2019 – With the final race done and the season complete, we’d first like to thank everyone for participating! Secondly, make sure to keep an eye on the Mondays section on CMS for news regarding season 2! Without further delay, onto the final race report of the season!

Race 2

Pro – With a 1.5 point gap between Josh Staffin in 1st and John Paul Hidalgo in 2nd, the final race of the season proved to be the championship deciding one in a controversial fashion. Hidalgo led from the start, but at the end of lap 1, Staffin broke late and touched the rear of Hidalgo, sending both off the track. Hidalgo rejoined in 2nd with Keith Briscoe taking the lead, while Staffin fell back to 4th behind Austin Vicari. Other victims of poor starts included Don Bélanger, who decided to retire on lap 1, and Bubba Jones, who collided with Ricardo Navon (Silver) and dropped the pair towards the back of the field. Staffin and Vicari’s battling allowed JT Tami (Silver) to move between the pair up into 3rd overall, with Staffin clearing Vicari for 4th on lap 3, and Tami (Silver) later on lap 4. Briscoe continued to hold Hidalgo at bay as Staffin closed in on the pair, but on lap 8 Briscoe made a mistake that allowed Hidalgo to take the lead and open a gap. Unfortunately, the incident between Hidalgo and Staffin would prove costly, as the damage eventually caught Hidalgo off-guard and sent him spinning off into the barriers on lap 10, dropping to 3rd and allowing Briscoe and Staffin a clear run to the finish. Briscoe defended flawlessly, holding off Staffin and securing the win and 4th in the Overall Championship. Staffin would come home on his tail in 2nd, taking 1st in the Overall Championship. Hidalgo completed the podium further back, resulting in 2nd in the Overall Championship.

Silver – First in the Silver Class Championship was up for grabs between JT Tami and Eric Andersen, with only 3.5 points between them. Tami led alongside Ricardo Navon at the start, fighting side-by-side until a mistake from Bubba Jones (Pro) behind caused Jones to slam into the side of Navon, dropping the Navon to 7th overall and 3rd in class behind Dominic Guerin. Tami escaped unscathed, and was able to pass Josh Staffin (Pro) and Austin Vicari (Pro) who were holding each other up, moving Tami into 3rd overall for a brief period. Eric Andersen, who had failed to set a time in qualifying 2, started 14th and was well off the class lead by the time the field settled in. On lap 9, Navon had caught up to the rear of Tami and was pressuring well. Lap 11 Andersen passed Guerin for 8th overall and 3rd in class, with a fair gap between himself and Navon. On lap 12, Navon got into the rear of Tami, pushing him into the runoff; Tami kept control of his Aston and carried on without losing further positions. Navon went on to maintain the class lead and 4th overall, and secured 3rd in the Silver Championship ahead of Dave Hassar, who struggled in both races. Tami finished 2nd in class and 5th overall, taking victory in Silver Class. Andersen finished further back, 3rd in class and 8th overall, taking 2nd in the Silver Championship.

AM – Michael Mortensen looked to maintain the points gap to Dominic Guerin (Silver) and Austin Vicari (Pro) behind. With Don Bélanger (Pro) and Dave Slee (Silver) retiring, Mortensen was promoted to 13th overall by the end of lap 1. While not quite able to match the Silvers in terms of pace, the chance for positions didn’t escape Mortensen as Steve Poe (Silver) had made an error on lap 4 that dropped him just within reach. Mortensen followed closely and attempted a move down the inside of turn 1 on lap 5, but couldn’t quite make it stick. Mortensen continued on a consistent drive to the finish, remaining 13th overall to match his 13th place in the Overall Championship, maintaining position ahead of Vicari (Pro) and Guerin (Silver).


ACC Sprint Finale – Spa Race 2

ACC Sprint Finale – Spa Race 1

December 2, 2019 – ACC Sprint Finale – Spa Race 1

Driver Classification Updates:
Dave Slee: First race, to Silver
Jux Edgar: Name updated to Steve Poe

The subsequent reports will be written with these changes included.

Race 1

Pro – A rainy qualifying 1 shuffled the order, with Bubba Jones, Don Bélanger and Austin Vicari all starting well down the order. Josh Staffin, John Paul Hidalgo and Keith Briscoe held their respective starting positions with a clean run up Raidillon. Jones had to take to the run-off to avoid Steve Poe (Silver) spinning in front of him, dropping from 9th to 11th. Vicari capitalized on the incident to move up to 8th overall. With Staffin struggling up Raidillon, Hidalgo took the lead on lap 2 and promptly opened a gap. Lap 5, Bélanger went for a late move against Dave Slee (Silver) for 9th; they collided and spun, with Bélanger taking serious damage, dropping him out of contention and putting his position in the Overall Championship at risk. Vicari and Jones made their way through the field up to 4th and 5th respectively, until a mistake from Vicari saw him run wide at turn 1 on lap 12, allowing Jones through. Hidalgo was a risk of running out of fuel in the closing stages, but had created enough of a gap back to Staffin to maintain the lead and come home in 1st. Staffin finished in 2nd, with Briscoe having fallen away from the pair and coming home a distant 3rd.

Silver – JT Tami led the Silver pack at the start in 4th overall, with Ricardo Navon and Eric Andersen for company. Dominic Guerin collided with Steve Poe at the start, dropping Poe to the back of the field. A moment of snap-oversteer from Guerin dropped him from 9th to 11th. Contact between Dave Slee and Don Bélanger (Pro) on lap 5 dropped the pair from 9th and 10th overall to 13th and 11th respectively, and well away from the leaders of their respective classes. On Lap 7, Dave Hassar pitted for repairs after a spin into the barriers, falling out of contention. Andersen had dropped back from Tami and Navon, until a collision between the pair on Lap 9 saw them fall to 7th and 8th respectively, giving Andersen the class lead. Valenzuela retired on lap 10, after slamming into the barriers at speed up Eau Rouge. Poe would stop for repairs on lap 12 after another collision with Guerin, meeting the barriers and falling away from the class leaders. Slee ran out of fuel on the final lap, dropping from 10th overall to 12th. Andersen would come home 1st in class and 6th overall, with Tami just holding Navon at bay for 2nd and 3rd in class (7th and 8th overall respectively).

AM – Michael Mortensen, being tied with Jorge Rivera on points in the AM class, was the only AM present this round; as such, barring any incidents, he would claim the AM Class victory here and could dedicate his efforts towards bringing home a solid finish for the Overall Championship. Mortensen ran a clean race, staying out of trouble and gained well through others’ misfortune, resulting in an 11th place overall and securing the AM Class Championship.


ACC Sprint Finale - Spa Race 1

MNRL ’74 911 at Snetterton

November 19, 2019 – Car troubles would see points leader Joe Miller sit out the Snetterton races. Jason Whited took advantage of the situation and with wins in both races, took back his championship points lead.

Gilles Lalonde took P2 in both races. Pete Holm and Aaron Page were both able to grab their first overall podium of the series finishing P3 in respective races.

In seniors division, Race 1 podiums were as follows. P1 – Pete Holm P2 – Jerry Hamilton P3 – Aaron Page. And in Race 2 it was Aaron Page taking the P1 spot, followed by senior points leader Jerry Hamilton in P2, and Pete Holm rounding out the top 3.


MNRL '74 911 at Snetterton

ACC Sprint – Zolder Race 1

November 18, 2019 – Driver Classification Updates: Jux Edgar: First race, to Silver – still under review

The subsequent reports will be written with these changes included.

Pro – Pros all hold station for the first 4 laps with John Paul Hidalgo hounding Bubba Jones for 2nd. Lap 5, Josh Staffin hit the anti-cut at the exit of the second chicane and dropped back towards the pack. On lap 6, Hidalgo clipped grass going into turn 2, falling behind Don Bélanger, followed by a spin entering the first chicane, losing another place to Keith Briscoe. Two laps later, Briscoe also spun in the first chicane, falling behind Hidalgo and Ricardo Navon (Silver). Briscoe then slid into turn 3 on lap 14, hitting the barriers and dropping further down the order, behind JT Tami (Silver) and Eric Andersen (Silver). Jones and Staffin came together in the second chicane, resulting in Jones spinning and losing a place to Bélanger. From there things finally settled down; a race full of a fair mix of fortunes. Staffin came home in 1st, with Bélanger taking 2nd and Jones rounding out the podium in 3rd.

Silver – The Silver class had an action-packed race, with multiple drivers having their challenge for the class win ended in a spin or collision with the barriers. Jon Uyan and Dave Hassar, the two drivers to lead their class into lap 1, suffered such spins at the exit of turn 10 on laps 13 and 17 respectively; these led Uyan to retire to 13th, and dropped Hassar to 12th overall. Jux Edgar, who was initially running with the pair at the start, spun off the kerb at turn 1 on lap 5, dropping from 2nd in class to 7th (12th overall at the time), and out of contention for the class win. With Miguel Valenzuela serving a Drive-Through Penalty and Dominic Guerin dropping back from an early mistake, the fight for 1st in class was left to JT Tami, Ricardo Navon, and Eric Andersen. Navon was leading the class after Uyan spun himself out of contention on lap 6, with Tami and Andersen following close behind. As the laps went on and the field entered the final quarter of the race, Andersen was falling back and Tami had finally closed the gap to Navon. On lap 19, Navon, having defended well to this point, left a gap on the inside of turn 2; Tami took the class lead. Navon, in a final bid to retake it, went for a late move down the inside into turn 12 on the final lap; Tami, not expecting it, turned in, and the pair collided. Navon spun to the infield with Tami carrying on, and ended up dropping behind Andersen. The final results were: Tami 1st in class and 5th overall, Andersen 2nd in class and 6th overall, with Navon taking 3rd in class and 7th overall.

AM – No AM drivers were present this round.


ACC Sprint - Zolder Race 1

ACC Sprint – Zolder Race 2

November 18, 2019 – Results from the event.

Pro – John Paul Hidalgo and Josh Staffin led the field into the first lap, staying side-by-side through the entire first sector; when they arrived at the 1st chicane, Staffin took to the kerb and yielded the lead. Bubba Jones was chasing down Don Bélanger in 3rd, with Keith Briscoe having to defend from Jux Edgar (Silver) and falling away from the frontrunners. Staffin was struggling to match Hidalgo in the early stages, eventually falling back towards Bélanger and Jones behind. Laps went by with things remaining fairly calm; by lap 13 Staffin and Hidalgo had reopened a small gap to the cars behind, but it all came to a peak when Staffin tapped the rear of Hidalgo coming out of the second chicane, sending him into a spin. Staffin pulled to the side and let Hidalgo back past, the pair dropping to 4th and 3rd respectively, with Bélanger taking the lead ahead of Jones. On the next lap, Staffin passed Hidalgo who suffered from oversteer entering turn 4. From there, Bélanger was in control of the race; pulling away from Jones, along with Staffin and Hidalgo fighting over 3rd, Bélanger brought it home to finish 1st overall, taking his first win of the season. Jones would follow in second, with Staffin holding onto 3rd after a spin from Hidalgo in the first chicane on lap 19.

Silver – Jux Edgar and Eric Andersen led the Silver pack, starting 6th and 7th respectively. Unfortunately, Andersen had a poor launch, dropping him into traffic and eventually running wide off track, plummeting to the back of the field. Ricardo Navon would also find himself towards the back after running deep into the second chicane while battling with Jon Uyan for 5th in class. A major order shift occurred when JT Tami tagged the rear of Dominic Guerin (4th and 5th in class respectively) at the exit of turn 12, causing Guerin to spin off track, into the path of Uyan who had moved to avoid Tami. Uyan, Tami and Guerin would drop to 11th, 12th and 13th overall, with Tami and Guerin far off the rest of the pack. Guerin would later spin, suffering significant damage and pitting for repairs. The second chicane would prove lethal, spinning Dave Hassar from the class lead on lap 7, Edgar from 5th in class on lap 12, and Uyan nearly spinning on lap 17, allowing Tami to pass for 4th in class. With Andersen leading the class in 6th overall, the fight for the final podium spots came down to Navon and Valenzuela, 2nd and 3rd in class from lap 8 to lap 19, when Valenzuela outbraked Navon into turn 1, taking 2nd in class and eventually finishing there. Thus, the final podium in Silver class was made up by Andersen 1st in class and 6th overall, with Valenzuela 2nd in class and 7th overall, and Navon taking 3rd in class and 8th overall.

AM – No AM drivers were present this round.


ACC Sprint - Zolder Race 2

Rally Monaco Results

November 16, 2019 – The first event of the CMS Rally Championship Season 2 was a tale of domination by one driver – Tommi “Wolfsmind” Neuvonen who took the top spot in both the 4WD and FWD categories. Grats Tommi!

1. Tommi Neuvonen – Peugeot 206 Rally – 0:59:01.173
2. Michael Miesenberger – Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 – 0:59:21.479
3. Steve Carmen – Citroën C4 Rally – 1:01:20.034

1. Tommi Neuvonen – Opel Adam R2 – 1:02:21.248
2. Sean Jordan – Ford Fiesta R2 – 1:03:58.356
3. Gareth Howell – Ford Fiesta R2 – 1:05:15.145


Full Results and Standings: 4WD and FWD

Rally Season 2.0 - Monaco