The Ultimate Sportscar Racing Experience

World Sports Car 2022

VWSC Modern Series

Champion Motorsports in association with Storm Gang Simulation is pleased to present the biggest rFactor 2 sportscar racing experience with their mod: World Sportscar (WSC). Over 10,000 laps and hours of development bring you the most complete multiclass endurance experience available.  In no other sim or community will you find this amount of detail, accuracy and dedication to representing sportscar racing properly.

Thanks to the outstanding partnership with Champion Motorsports, the current version of the mod will be featured exclusively through CMS through the year.  This means you will not find the most updated cars and their BOP anywhere else.  Expect thrilling, condensed-format, multi-class battles across the real-world venues of WEC and IMSA.  Choose between multiple categories of car types, with tons of machinery on offer.  Drivers are divided into Pro and Am classes and not only compete on an individual level, but also in the Teams Championship.  This provides several different championships for drivers to compete in.  No matter what your skill level, you will find someone to challenge in every race, across the entire year.  Live weather, real conditions and time scaling make the racing experience incredibly authentic.  Expect races the weekend prior to the real life race.

A sister championship is run at NARS on Thursday nights for drivers in the Americas, using the WSC mod and similar formats.

VWSC Historic Series

Champion Motorsports and Storm Gang Simulation have a soft spot for the legends and each year present a parallel series that looks to the past to recreate historic years in sportscar racing.

VWSC 1991 Series

Just like the modern series, Pro and Am, Teams and Drivers championships are on the line across whatever categories are available.  All years from before 2000 are up for grabs.  Not only are the cars vintage, but we make every effort to run the historic versions of the tracks at the same time of the year so live weather and conditions are as similar as possible to how they were back then.  If you have a passion or even a mild interest in the classics, you have to check this out.

Just like NARS for the modern series, MNRL runs a sister championship (VHSC) on Tuesday nights, the same week the historic races run in VWSC.

Previous VWSC Events & Series


VWSC 2021 Modern Series

VWSC 2021 – 2.4 Hours of Daytona – January 24, 2021

VWSC 2021 – 60 Minutes of Twin Ring Motegi – February 20, 2021

VWSC 2021 – 60 Minutes of Long Beach – May 15, 2021

VWSC 1971 Historic Series

VWSC 1971 – 1.2 Hours of Sebring – March 6, 2021

VWSC 1971 – 100 Minutes of Brands Hatch – April 3, 2021

VWSC 1971 – 100 Minutes of Spa – May 8th, 2021

VWSC 1971 – 2.4 Hours of Le Mans – May 22, 2021

VWSC 1971 – 3 Laps of Targa Florio – July 31, 2021


2020 VWSC Inaugural Series

VWSC 2.4 Hours of Le Mans – September 12, 2020

VWSC 60 Minutes of Laguna Seca – October 24, 2020

VWSC 1.2 Hours of Sebring – November 7, 2020

VWSC 80 Minutes of Bahrain & Season End Report – December 5, 2020