The North American Racing Series is dedicated to delivering all corners of motorsports to the Americas in weekly racing on the rFactor 2 platform.  Our races are organized into a variety of championships and events.  Monster Trucks, mopeds, sportscars, stockcars, box trucks, rally cars, if it has wheels, you can bet we’ll be racing them here.  NARS focuses on mostly modern (post 2000) vehicles and will operate one-off events, Club championships (short & full series calendars) and the Virtual Motor Sport Championship.

Long Format Series : The Virtual Modern Sportscar Championship (VMSC)

Virtual Modern Sportscar Championship 2022 (VMSC22)

The VMSC, featuring the WSC mod by Storm Gang Simulation, is the major offering for NARS drivers. The series operates over the year, running roughly 1 race per month and typically runs the Thursday prior to the Saturday sister series, VWSC.  The championship includes Hypercar and GT categories as well as PRO and AM driver classes.  The team championship uniquely pairs 1 PRO and 1 AM in the same category, making for some very close and exciting racing through the year.  The schedule is based on the real life WEC/IMSA calendar and features real weather, track rubbering and other live conditions, all guaranteed to bring high levels of competition and fun to our races nights.

Club Series

When we are not racing the VMSC, there will be a series of ‘short format’ championships featuring mods selected by the NARS community and competed on tracks that are drawn from the real life series or on ones suitable for the style of the cars. Anywhere from 4 races to full calendars, these series bring some variety to the community and keep racing fresh.  You can enjoy DTM, GT1, F3, Porsche GT3 Cup, TA2, NASCAR and beyond.

NARS Virtual Stock Car 2018X Championship (VSCC)

Join the CMS Discord and select rFactor 2 as one of your sims to stay up to date on all the series and vote for what’s next!  Questions may be directed to the NARS Admin, Matthew Overton through DM on the CMS Discord server.