CMS Historics is proud to announce that for its 28th season we are racing the mythical 60’s GTs in Assetto Corsa (ACL’s GTC car pack). To make things even more exciting, we’ll drive a new car every race (we have sponsors with deep pockets!). Your versatility and skills will be put to tests across a wide variety of cars and track style. The season will be culminating at the old Nurburgring for a final showdown.

Assetto Corsa Historics

Series Information

If you haven’t already, please join the Champion Motorsports Discord Server.

Join us on Sunday nights this season for 5 championship races:

  • April 24, Oesterreichring 79 – Jaguar E-Type Lightweight
  • May 8, Putnam Park – Lotus Elan 26R
  • May 22, Mt-Tremblant 69 – Shelby GT350R
  •  June 5, Willow Springs – Corvette C2 ‘67
  • June 19 – Nurburgring 67 – Porsche 904

All races to be 1 hour in length, beginning with a 15 minute qualifying session at 8:45 PM Eastern US time.
Pitstop is mandatory – you must stop at least once for 1 liter of fuel minimum. Tire change is optional.

Driver signup is open immediately. Since we’ll change car every race, there won’t be specific car assigned. But please register as a driver this season to make sure we have a spot for you on the grid (liveries will be randomly assigned by server).

Signal your interest in league-discussion in the Sunday Night Assetto Corsa section of our Discord.

CMS standard rules apply to Historics races.

Points system (1st to 15th are scored): 21, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Note: There will be no dropped result for Final Championship points tally. To be scored in a race, a driver must have completed at least 50% of total laps.

Tracks Pack Link: Contains 4 of the 5 tracks. The still unreleased Mt-Tremblant 69 will be available in a separate download on May 8th.

Car Pack Link: We are using ACL GTC version 1.1 with extra skins. Even if you already have the mod, please download and install to make sure you have all the cars.