Wednesday nights at CMS have been a staple for iRacing over the past few years. For 2020 Season 1 we will have two alternating series, with schedules based on the tracks used in the iRacing official races for those cars. There’s plenty to choose from this season, so read on and get ready for some Wednesday night racing!

2020 iRacing Season 2

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Cars & Classes
Series Schedule
Event Schedule
Championship Points
Race Communications
CMS General Competition Rules
CMS Gentlemen’s Rules


This season will introduce two series with multiclass racing as well as a new car to the service. Drivers can enter and race in one or both series, although we would love to see as many cars on the track each week as possible!

Cars & Classes

This series will use the following classes and cars:

Series 2020.1.1 – GTE/GT4 Cup Series

GTE Class:
Ferrari 488 GTE
Ford GT (2017)
Porsche 911 RSR

GT4 Class:
Porsche Cayman GT4

This series will feature multiclass racing, with the well-known GTE class leading the pace and introduce the GT4 class to both iRacing and CMS. Because the Porsche Cayman is scheduled for release in Season 2 at iRacing (March 3rd, 2020), this series will not begin until after the release of the new car. We will continue to have Pre-Season events with the GTE Class only until that release, which will follow with a pre-season race the following evening.

We will not have any type of driver classification (Pro, AM) in this series, and everyone can select the car/class they want to use regardless of iRating. Points will be scored in each class separately, and at the end of the 8-race season we will crown both GTE and GT4 Champions!

The track selection for this series will be based on the official iRacing schedule for any and all series that uses either the GTE and/or GT4 class cars. Until the release of the official Season 2 schedule at iRacing, the schedule will show only the scheduled dates for racing until that information is available.

The fuel capacity for all cars will be limited to 65%, which will force a pit stop in the races. The race distances will be 60 minutes, with two races at 75 minutes.

Series 2020.1.2 – TCR/MX-5 Club Series

This series will use the Audi RS 3 LMS (TCR Class) and the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup, racing on the track together, in separate classes.

Points will be scored per class, and there will not be any type of additional classification (Pro, AM) and entrants can select the car/class they want to use regardless of iRating. At the end of the 10-race season Driver’s Championships will be awarded in each class!

The track selection will be based on the official iRacing schedules for the Michelin Pilot Series and the Advanced Mazda Cup Series, using tracks from each to provide variety and alternatives to venues that may not work well with a multi-class race. These events will have 30-minute race lengths, and pit stops will not be required.

To simplify this series further, both cars will be restricted to using the iRacing Baseline fixed setup, so drivers can focus on racing and less on setup building.

Series Schedule

GTE/GT4 Schedule
Date Event Track Minutes Time of Day
5/27/2020 Race 6 Detroit – Belle Isle 60 Late Afternoon
6/10/2020 Race 7 Silverstone – GP 60 Morning
6/24/2020 Race 8 Watkins Glen – Boot 60 Afternoon
TCR/MX-5 Schedule
Date Event Track Minutes Time of Day
6/3/2020 Race 9 Canadian Tire Motorsports Park 30 Morning
6/17/2020 Race 10 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 30 Afternoon

Event Schedule

GTE/GT4 Cup Series Events

  • 50 or 35 minutes – Practice: 8:40 PM (60-minute races) or 8:55 PM Eastern (75-minute races)
  • 10 minutes – Qualifying: 9:30 PM Eastern
  • 60 or 75 minutes – Race: Approximately 9:40 PM Eastern

TCR/MX-5 Club Series Events

  • 80 minutes – Practice: 8:10 PM Eastern
  • 10 minutes – Qualifying: 9:30 PM Eastern
  • 30 minutes – Race: Approximately 9:40 PM Eastern

Championship Points

The points system for both series will be as follows:

  • 1st place – 35 points
  • 2nd – 32
  • 3rd – 30
  • 4th – 28
  • 5th thru 20th – 26 to 11 (reducing by 1 each position)
  • Remainder of field – 10 points each

Each driver’s two lowest point results will be dropped to decide the Driver’s Championship.

A driver must complete at least one lap to receive points for a race.

Points will be awarded each race to entrants based on their finish within their own class.

You must drive the model of car you selected in your first attended event throughout the entire season. If you choose to change to a different car during the season, you will receive a 25 point deduction to your Driver’s points


  1. Dynamic Weather
  2. Dynamic Track State (Rubber will be cleaned between sessions)
  3. No Fast Repairs
  4. To enter the server you must be a member of the Champion Motorsports League at iRacing.


  1. All races will have rolling starts.
  2. The pole sitter will hold the field at pace speed until the green flag/lights are displayed. Everyone must maintain position until the green, no jumping the start!

Orange Zones

  1. Each race will use an orange zone
  2. Orange Zones will be posted within the specific event thread on Discord
  3. All Formation Laps and Orange Zones will have a mandatory review by the admins, and any infractions will be submitted by the admins to the Incident Review committee for possible penalties.

Race Communications

  1. For Race Director operations before the race, the admins will use the built-in iRacing voice chat. Everyone needs to have all channels unmuted during practice and qualifying.
  2. Everyone can create a Team channel on iRacing, or use Discord either in a private channel or the public channels on the CMS Discord.
  3. Comms is required, but only to monitor race control during the event. You do not need a microphone if you do not want to speak.
  4. If you have a microphone, please set it to “push to talk”. If that just doesn’t work for you, PLEASE set the voice activated audio level up considerably so your coughing, wheezing or sim controls grinding isn’t “shared” with everyone else. Don’t be “that guy”.
  5. A request to drivers to please be brief in you communication on Discord.
  6. One sentence then quiet is requested. Abusive and/or profane in-game chat, Discord or forum post language or deliberate crash into competitor’s car may lead to that driver receiving probation, suspension or ban from the league.

CMS General Competition Rules

Penalties can be applied one of 2 ways:

  1. iRacing system delegated penalties (slow-downs, black flags, and incident counts)
  2. Upheld Incident Report via Race Review Team

Read the CMS GCR here.

CMS Gentlemens Rules

Drivers are requested to consider the following if involved in an accident…

  1. Should you turn-around or damage another driver by your error, consider pulling off track in a safe location and waiting for the other driver to proceed in the race.
  2. Should you crash-out another driver by your error, consider retiring yourself from the race out of respect for the competitor whose race you ended.