CMS iRacing 2022 Calendar

Welcome to the next season of iRacing with CMS! This time around, we’ve decided to get a little bit experimental with the schedule, to bring you as much variety as we can cram into the next several months. The GT4/TCR series was very popular, so that is going to be the backbone of our calendar, running monthly (changed to GT4 only, mid-season). In betwixt those races, we’ll be running two six-race seasons. First up will be the venerable Skippy, featuring a few free tracks. Finally, we’re pleased to announce our first LMP2/Radical SR-8 multi-class season to finish things off. There’s a lot of great racing to come, folks!

How to Participate

First, make sure you join the Champion Motorsports League in iRacing. Once you request membership, let us know and we’ll approve you ASAP.

We also highly recommend you join the CMS Discord to stay abreast of all the important announcements including race briefings, and participate in some discussion while you’re there! The community is a big part of what makes racing with CMS so fun.

There is no cost to race in this series, beyond of course your iRacing membership and any content you do not yet own. Remember, you only need to purchase the car(s) you are going to drive!


  • Skip Barber Formula 2000
  • GT4 Class
  • Radical SR-8
  • Dallara P217 LMP2


Layouts are TBD.

You can subscribe to our Google Calendar below if you’d like. All practice and race sessions will be added. From time to time we may also add special events, although this would not be very often.

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List of all Races

Date Series Week Nº Track
Jul 06 Skippy Pre-season Mount Panorama Circuit
Jul 13 GT4/TCR 1 Red Bull Ring
Jul 20 Skippy 1 WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca
Jul 27 Skippy 2 Brands Hatch Circuit
Aug 03 Skippy 3 Canadian Tire Motorsports Park
Aug 10 GT4/TCR 2 Fuji International Speedway
Aug 17 Skippy 4 Snetterton Circuit
Aug 24 Skippy 5 Lime Rock Park
Aug 31 Skippy 6 Okayama International Circuit
Sep 07 GT4/TCR 3 Road America
Sep 14 Fun Race N/A Skippy/Radical Multiclass @ Monza Combined
Sep 21 GT4/TCR 4 Sandown International Motor Raceway
Sep 28 Fun Race N/A NASCAR Trucks @ Roval
Oct 05 GT4 5 Brands Hatch Circuit
Oct 12 Radical/LMP2 1 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Oct 19 Radical/LMP2 2 Virginia International Raceway
Oct 26 Radical/LMP2 3 Fuji International Speedway
Nov 02 GT4 6 Road Atlanta
Nov 09 Radical/LMP2 4 Road America
Nov 16 Radical/LMP2 5 Suzuka International Racing Course
Nov 23 Radical/LMP2 6 Watkins Glen International
Nov 30 GT4 7 Sebring International Raceway

Race Details

  • All races will be 60 minutes unless otherwise stated.
  • The server race settings will have dynamic sky and weather, as well as a random starting track state
  • Qualifying will be a 10-minute 2-lap solo session.
  • Drive-through penalties will be assessed automatically every 23 incident points. We reserve the right to change this on a per-track basis.
  • One fast repair will be available at each race.
  • The series admins will conduct a driver’s meeting prior to qualifying and at the start of each race using the iRacing voice chat system. All drivers must have voice chat enabled during this period.
  • Drivers’ briefings will be posted to the #league-info-weds channel ahead of each race. These briefings are required reading.
  • Voice chat during the race must be kept to a minimum (safety callouts only). If you wish to have a team/group chat experience, you are welcome to use the CMS Discord for this! Let us know if you need any assistance with voice channel creation for your team.
  • Come to the drivers’ lounge (🎧#iRacing General channel on Discord) after the race to hang out with some of your fellow racers. (Optional, but we don’t bite.)

Series Specifics

  • We will be running open setups for the Skip Barber and Radical/LMP2 series. Please check out the #setup-sharing channel on Discord, or talk to your fellow drivers in #discussion-weds if you are new to setups or would simply prefer to have a good setup from someone else.
  • The GT4 series will remain fixed setup.


Points will be awarded at the conclusion of each race and after any penalties are applied, using the following scoring system:

Finish Points
1st 25
2nd 22
3rd 20
4th 18
5th 16
6th 14
7th 12
8th 10
9th–17th 9 points decreasing by 1 point
18th+ 1 point

You must complete 50% of your class race winner’s laps to earn points.

Points are awarded for each class separately.

Race Night Schedule

All times are in US Eastern time.

  • 8:35pm – Server opens for practice
  • 9:25pm – Qualifying begins
  • 9:35pm – Race begins

Car Changes

Drivers are locked into the class and car they use for their first start of the season (pre-season and fun races excluded). Drivers are allowed to make a single voluntary car and/or class change during the season, however points earned to date will be forfeit.

Drivers that wish to change cars will need to notify the series admins before the server opens on race night. Joining the race before notifying the admins may result in disqualification for that race.

Changing cars more than once will not be allowed.

Rules and Regulations

We follow all league rules as specified in the General Competition Rules at CMS, as well as the iRacing Sporting Code. All members are expected to understand and follow these rules at all times.

Should you be involved in an incident on track, we encourage you to talk to the other driver first. If you wish to escalate it to be reviewed by the stewards, you can fill out an Incident Review Request (IRR). All IRRs must be submitted between 12 and 60 hours after the race.

Everyone must be aware of the Orange Zone (OZ) for each race, as published in the drivers’ briefing. Incidents that occur in the OZ will be reviewed automatically. Stewards will impose higher penalties for any driver found to be at fault for an incident in the OZ.

Series Administrators

For the 2022 Summer/Fall season, your administrators are:

  • Tim Collier
  • Liam Park
  • Pierre Robitaille
  • Ryan Thompson

Please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us via DM if you have any questions or concerns.

Note that, by design, we have no say over penalties or other stewards’ decisions. If you have a question about a steward (IRR) ruling, please contact the chief steward, Jon Uyan.

This series has been created for one purpose only: fierce, friendly competition on the track with like-minded racers, providing a place for everyone to race and have a great time doing so.

While we have rules in place, we also don’t intend to add complication or pressure to perform on race night.  We all started sim-racing from scratch, and regardless of your experience we want everyone to feel welcome here.  So please, come in and make some friends and we’ll see you on the track!

Change History
2022-07-05: Adjust race start time (9:40 to 9:35pm)
2022-07-08: Replaced Google Calendar link
2022-10-13: GT4 and TCR is now just GT4