VWSC 1971 – 3 Laps of Targa Florio

Race Report by George Angelidis Images by Jerry Chen Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith July 31, 2021 - The 1971 VWSC Targa Florio was “one for the ages”, such it was such a special occasion that 22 cars took the flag to start on the Sicilian countryside road. Targa Florio without Ferraris can’t happen and there were 5 in this race: 1 factory entry of Scuderia Cavalli with George Angelidis in Purist and 1 for Gasoline Aftershave Bros. with Marouane el Idrissi in Pro, the rest 3 of Peter Meier (Purist), Bruce Hopkins (Am) and Santiago Dancourt (Pro) all privateers. A strong presence was that of Alfa Romeo too with Jon Uyan (Pro) arranged to drive for Alfa Romeo CMS Pro team, having an initial sortie with Porsche in the first half of the Championship joining Gilles Lalonde in the sister Alfa. The Porsche factory was represented by just > more