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NARS Modern Sportscar Championship – Round 8 at Road America

Race Report by Matthew Overton Images by Jerry Chen Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith September 2, 2021 - 21 teams (10 LMH and 11 GTE) jetted back across the Atlantic to land in the beautiful state of Wisconsin and the always entertaining Road American circuit at Elkhart Lake. With only four events left in the season, every opportunity to score points, or the inability to take advantage of missteps, started to loom over the heads of each of the competitors. Qualifying Nissan fans were pleased to see Jason Whited take his G-TR to the head of the LMH PRO field for a second time in a row, posting a 1:47.778 and Ferrari Tifosi was equally enthusiastic when Matthew Overton took his FXX-K to the top of the AM field with a 1:49.372. PROs Norm Graf and JT Tami took second and third with their Ferrari and McLaren respectively, while > more

GTE/GT4 Pre-Season at Road America

Race Report by Tim Collier March 4, 2020 - With the release of the Porsche Cayman GT4 this week, it was time to put the rubber on the road and see how well it grips. Tonight's pre-season race at Road America was a multiclass affair featuring the GTE class cars of iRacing on the track with it's latest release. The new tire model for all the cars proved to be an additional factor for some drivers, but as usual many adjusted along the way and found the groove once again. In qualifying Justin Hess would start on pole for the GT4 class with a blistering lap 1.2 seconds faster than his next closest competitor. Humberto Roca started up front in GTE with a 0.2 second gap back to second. The race start had some interesting moments, but as predicted the racing was tight in both classes. After a few > more

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CMS-TXL MX-5s at Road America

August 3, 2019 – This week’s race headed north to Elkhart Lake, home of Road America, a 4-mile high-speed road course that has both long straights and multiple passing zones. With 21 cars taking the grid, it was Greg Mac who took the pole position, with Samuel Scott alongside on Row 1. Several cars were late to the grid and had to start in back, including Paul Darling in his first appearance in the series. > more

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