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NARS Virtual GT1 Championship Round 9 – 2.4 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps

Race Report by Matthew Overton Images by Jerry Chen and Dan Kirby Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith September 9, 2021 - There was magic in the air and a real sense of anticipation as 16 drivers, representing 7 of the 8 teams in the series, gathered at the historic circuit of Spa-Francorchamps for the final and deciding race of the Virtual GT1 Championship. The weather was magnificent, promising the best possible conditions for racing over the day and night cycle that was to come. Qualifying With PROs Dan Kirby and Eduardo Beninca tied for the driver's championship, it was no surprise that they set the two fastest time in qualifying, with Kirby recording a 2:06.982 in his Ford GT, only a half-second ahead of Beninca in another Ford. Brian Hall in his Corvette C6.R broke up the “Ford party” to take third in front of another string of Fords. > more

NARS Virtual GT1 Championship Round 8 – 60 Minutes of Interlagos

Race Report by Matthew Overton Images by Jerry Chen and Dan Kirby Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith August 26, 2021 – With only two races left in the series calendar, it was a very business-like and focused set of teams and drivers that arrived in Buenos Aires for the penultimate round of the VGT1C. Tightening championship races and several of the contenders returning to form have meant venues packed to their COVID-restricted capacities and record viewership around the world - with the fans at Interlagos streaming into the venue to make sure that they were able to grab their part of the excitement firsthand. Qualifying The fast laps came…. fast and furious as the field attacked the qualifying. In PRO, it was Brian Hall in his Ford GT that threw down the gauntlet early with a 1:25.325, and while many came close, it was Cameron Sansano in his Maserati > more

League Crossover Action at rFactor 2 Le Mans

Race Report by Matthew Overton Images by Jerry Chen Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith August 14, 2021 - Le Mans holds a special place in our hearts. More than any other race, it's a crucible in which new technology is forged and trickles down to the cars that populate our roads around the world. It was with this impressive heritage in mind that the drivers and teams of not only the CMS VWSC, but the Race Craft Legends ILMS series made their way to La Sarthe for the 4.8 hours of Le Mans in a crossover event that featured driver teams in addition to the usual single-driver entries and a full 24-hour cycle. Conditions were hot but dry, forcing the driving teams to make some difficult choices on setup, tire, and fuel strategy in what was sure to be a crowd-pleasing event featuring some of the top talents from > more

NARS Virtual GT1 Championship Round 7 – 60 Minutes of Pergusa

Race Report by Matthew Overton Images by Jerry Chen Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith August 12, 2021 – From Portugal, the teams of the VGT1C made the short journey east across the Mediterranean to the island of Sicily and another circuit that gets scant attention - Enna Pergusa. With championship battles intensifying and only 3 races left, the absence of PRO Jon Uyan of V.I.C.E Racing, AM title contender Jimmy Regan of Gone Broke Racing made for serious openings in all three sets of standings, if the other teams and 22 drivers made the trip to Sicily were up to the challenge. Qualifying It was PRO Daniel Kirby that made the best of the course in his Ford GT to set the pole-claiming lap of 1:27.83, a full second ahead of championship leader Eduardo Beninca in his B&M Racing Ford. JT Tami, in the first non-Ford in the qualifying > more

VWSC 1971 – 3 Laps of Targa Florio

Race Report by George Angelidis Images by Jerry Chen Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith July 31, 2021 - The 1971 VWSC Targa Florio was “one for the ages”, such it was such a special occasion that 22 cars took the flag to start on the Sicilian countryside road. Targa Florio without Ferraris can’t happen and there were 5 in this race: 1 factory entry of Scuderia Cavalli with George Angelidis in Purist and 1 for Gasoline Aftershave Bros. with Marouane el Idrissi in Pro, the rest 3 of Peter Meier (Purist), Bruce Hopkins (Am) and Santiago Dancourt (Pro) all privateers. A strong presence was that of Alfa Romeo too with Jon Uyan (Pro) arranged to drive for Alfa Romeo CMS Pro team, having an initial sortie with Porsche in the first half of the Championship joining Gilles Lalonde in the sister Alfa. The Porsche factory was represented by just > more

NARS Virtual GT1 Championship Round 6 – 60 Minutes of Algarve

Race Report by Matthew Overton Images by Jerry Chen Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith August 5, 2021 - It was a fast and furious return for the drivers and teams of the CMS VGT1 Championship after more than a month’s break in the action. Portugal and the undulating Algarve circuit provided the ideal venue for a return to action with championship battles rejoined with enthusiasm. 22 drivers made the trip to Portimao for the weekend, with AM driver Danny Corriveau of Dark Thunder Racing a noticeable absence and a severe blow for both his championship chances and DTR’s hopes to get out of the team championship basement. Drivers and fans were very pleased to have almost ideal conditions for the race weekend with sunny skies and light breezes, meaning that drivers were able to extract the maximum from themselves and their cars as the track rubber matured. Qualifying While > more

VWSC 1971 – 2.4 Hours of Le Mans

Race Report by George Angelidis Images by Jerry Chen Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith May 22, 2021 – Today the drivers and crews all have recouped themselves after the 2-month summer break and be ready to give it all at it again with high spirits at the 3 Laps at the narrow streets of Targa Florio. An intense race for high nerves will surely be spectacular… But before that, let’s go back 2 months ago and remember what happened at the previous round, the 2.4 Hours of Le Mans. They say Le Mans picks its winners. Even the most dominant of displays, such as that of the #00 n00n Racing Lola T70 Mk3.B of Ross Smith that weekend, isn't enough sometimes. How fitting that this, a 1971 Virtual World Sportscar Championship season that was deemed to be oh-so-predictable with Yassin Marzoug dominating with 3 wins at the beginning of > more

NARS Virtual GT1 Championship Round 5 – 60 Minutes of the Sachsenring

Race Report by Matthew Overton Images by Jerry Chen Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith June 24, 2021 - It was with a sense of expectation and curiosity that the NARS VGT1 Championship teams and drivers arrived at the picturesque Saxony countryside for the Sachsenring racing weekend. With almost none of the drivers have had any experience on this tight, weaving ‘rollercoaster’ of a track more often used for motorcycle racing, chances were good for some upsets in the standings. With 24 drivers on the shortest track of the season, there was no concern in the paddock that drivers would be ‘losing focus’! The weather throughout the week was overcast with frequent bouts of rain that had every team scrambling to get the most out of the practice sessions to settle both car and driver on the optimum setups and lines for both dry and wet conditions. While the final > more

VWSC 2021 – 60 Minutes of Long Beach

Race Report by George Angelidis Images by Jerry Chen Broadcast by Ross “Tnadz” Smith May 15, 2021 - It was truly a day for the British brand with McLaren getting a full return on the effort they put into the LMH class and getting their first win of the VWSC ‘21 Championship courtesy of Wouter de Bruijn. A total of 26 cars and drivers arrived to contest the tight streets of Long Beach. It was clear that many teams had been hard at work, though not all were able to put past difficulties behind them, as the race was not without its fair share of drama and many became “victims” of the walls and tight space of the track. Qualifying LMH-Pro Storm Rider Racing driver Ahmed Abdallah set the pace with his Nissan by grabbing pole ahead of LMH-Pro contender driver Yassin Marzoug and his Triploski GorillAAAH Nissan. Marzoug > more

NARS – VTDMC Round 2 at Norisring

Race Report by Matthew Overton Images by Jerry Chen Norisring January 30th, 2021 - The historic city of Noris, better known now as Nuremberg, was the venue for the second stop of the NARS VDTMC in 2021. While the skies were overcast and threatening throughout the day, drivers and teams heaved a great sigh of relief by race end that no rain had been visited on what was a hectic and demanding race under the looming presence of the Steintribüne. PRO PRO driver Ahmed Abdallah showed the field that he was not going to dwell on his early retirement at Monza with an impressively strong performance on the bumpy and unusual layout of Norisring.  Setting a blistering 46.767s to capture pole position, he led the race from flag-to-flag, taking the fastest lap of the race to boot. JT Tami was determined however to make a race of it, dogging > more

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