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NARS at Watkins Glen

December 5, 2019 - Congratulations to Greg Hall for winning the final race of the 2019 NARS Autumn Series at Watkins Glen. Congratulations to Greg Hall, winner of 2019 NARS Autumn Series Group A, and to Jon Uyan, Winner of 2019 NARS Autumn Series Group A. Additional results are pending outstanding IRRs by the reviewing committee. Results

NARS at Sonoma

November 14, 2019 - As the NARS Autumn series winds down, an infrequently visited track was the venue for Race 6: Sonoma. A decent sized grid attendanece (especially compared to the two previous races) made for some extra excitement. Over the course of the past few weeks, the Group A Senna has lost favor and the drivers have chosen to migrate back to their more comfortable surroundings – a GT3 cockpit. Elliot Budzinski took the pole spot with a 1:31.482 best lap. The race was met with a higher than usual attrition rate, no-doubt in part because of the rough track surface (the Corvettes looked like they were on pogo sticks). At the checkered flag,  points went to JT Tami followed by Tyler Alan and Christopher Snow on the podium. Results

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NARS Autumn Visits The Bend

October 24, 2019 - Round 3 of the Autumn series was won by Group A driver Greg Hall followed by JT Tami. In Group B, It was Jon Uyan taking the win with Rodger Gabryszak in 2nd and Mark Cotherman in 3rd. Results

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NARS Autumn at Sentul

October 17, 2019 - Race 2 of NARS Autumn was held at Sentul International, a very fast sweeping track. Greg Hall took the pole in Group A (McLaren Senna cars) and Jon Uyan took the pole for Group B (GT3 cars). At the start, the McLaren's bolted away as expected and the GT3's had quite a dice getting through the first several corners. At the end, it was Group A's JT Tami besting Greg Hall with John Nelson running in 3rd. In Group B, Jon Uyan took the win followed by Mark Cotherman and Jason Whited. Results

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NARS Autumn Starts Retro

October 10, 2019 - Race 1 of the NAR Autumn Series for rFactor 2 was held on the sunny sands of Bridgehampton. Each NARS series typically includes one "throw back track" but this time around it opened with Lilski's ported AC masterpiece, Bridgehampton. Coupled with the new hypercar McLaren Senna and the favorite GT3s, the opening round was fast-paced. Real fast-paced.  Qualifying pole was won by Greg Hall in the hypercar, with Jon Uyan setting the pole pace for the GT3s. For the always precarious standing start, the McLaren Senna's were predictably off like a rocket followed by the GT3s. There were no (serious) incidents between hypercars and GT3s but the GT3s had a tussle early on and several drivers has to park their cars for the night due to incident or mechanical damage. At the flag, Greg Hall picked-up where he left off in Series 2 with a > more

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