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iRTES Round 4 at Monza

  Race Report by Doug Atkinson Results / Data by Jason Lundy April 18, 2021 – Round 4 of the Champion Motorsports 2021 iRacing Team Endurance Series (iRTES) at Monza was rinse and repeat. At the end of the day, the VRS Satellite Racing Team of Paul Darling and David Williams won again in LMP2, while the Unified Performance Racing Team of Justin Hess and Kurt Polter took home another win. LMP2 start at Monza GTE start at Monza LMP2 Pulling in the second spot in the prototypes was the TNT Racing (Carbon) of Everett Paddock and Scott McIntyre. The third place was taken by the Imperial Motorsports - Shake Team of Chris Paiz and George Kuekes. The winning VRS Satellite Team of David Williams and Paul Darling. GTE The podium in the GTE class after Unified was the SimHQ Motorsports 2 Team of > more

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CMS iRacing GTE/GT3 Season Opener at Imola

Race Report by Tim Collier January 24, 2021 - With two months off between seasons, the atmosphere was electric as the new season of sportscar racing took the green flag, kicking off a six-race season of multi-class racing! In what has been a staple at Champion Motorsports with their Wednesday night iRacing series, this season saw a change with the GTE class cars on track with GT3 class cars, where patience and cooperation were key to a good night of racing for all. Qualifying In the 2 lap solo qualifying session, Tyler Campbell would take the pole position in the GT3 class over second-place Marc Johnson, with last year's GT4 champion Kurt Polter close behind. This class would be competitive, and it was apparent with the top 5 qualifiers within a quarter of a second of each other! The GTE class pole was easily won by Justin Hess, last > more

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NARS Virtual DTM – Round 1 at Monza

Race Report by Matthew Overton January 14, 2021 - It was a dreary day that greeted the teams assembled at the cathedral of speed for the opening round of the 2021 NARS Virtual DTM Championship at CMS. 23 drivers, PRO and AM took to the track, all three manufacturers well represented with Aura clearly the steed of choice. Difficult Weather Light but steady rain during the practice morning raised significant concerns that weather would play a major role in the race, but by the time qualifying had arrived, the rain had lifted although the track remained damp due to the slow drying conditions. JT Tami pipped Ahmed Abdalla at the last moment to take the pole as the drivers struggled with the conditions and the optimal tire choice. While all the drivers were successful in setting a qualifying lap, the range of times recorded as an indication of how > more

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ACC Sprint – Monza Race 2

October 7, 2019 – Results of the Monza Race by classes. Pro - John Paul Hidalgo led from pole with Bubba Jones, Josh Staffin and Don Bélanger giving chase, as the rest of the field caught the curse of turn 1 at Monza. Things progressed steadily, with Hidalgo slowly opening up a gap as Staffin and Jones fought over second. Staffin then spun on lap 6 and went into the barriers, giving 3rd to Bélanger. With Bélanger dropping away from the lead pair, Hidalgo looked good for the victory until a spin on lap 12 cost him the lead and created over a 6 second gap to Jones who had inherited it. Jones proceeded to take victory, with Hidalgo 2nd and Bélanger finishing the podium. Silver - The Silver drivers of JT Tami and Dave Hassar were stuck down in the midfield, where chaos unfolded around them. Tami led > more

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ACC Sprint – Monza Race 1

October 7, 2019 - Results of the Monza Race by classes. Pro - A poor start from John Paul Hidalgo and Bubba Jones dropped them well down the order at the start, with Josh Staffin and Don Bélanger getting away well. Staffin was 5 seconds clear of the field until a game crash dropped him out of contention, while Jones fought his way past Keith Briscoe and Bélanger to gain 2nd place. Hidalgo then had a spin into the barriers from the lead, dropping him to 2nd. The damage from the spin proved costly as Bélanger caught and passed him towards the end, making the final order on the podium Jones, Bélanger, Hidalgo. Silver - Dave Hassar was the only silver driver present this race. Am early error dropped him down to the back of the field, where he caught and battled with Michael Mortensen (AM) for 8th overall. > more

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