Isle of Man Hot Lap Challenge

Special Event Report by Matthew Overton So the CMS Isle of Man Hot Lap Challenge is now complete and time to reckon with the clock. All told, 16 drivers were successful in setting AT LEAST one timed lap, which was, as almost everyone pointed out, no mean feat! Ahmad jumping at The Haven Country Inn Before we get to all the winners, some notable facts and achievements from the month of time trialing. Notable First competitors on track: David Anderson and Matthew Overton (December 4th, 2020) Last competitor on track: Thom Craine (January 3rd, 2020) The most number of laps attempted as recorded by LiveRacers: 1333 by Ahmed Abdalla The most number of laps completed as recorded by LiveRacers: 690 by Ahmed Abdalla Highest completed laps by percent: 62% Thom Craine (5 of 8 laps!) Highest clean laps by percent: 60% Matthew Marlow (3 of 5 laps!) > more