CMS Historics Series starts Ford vs Alfa Series at Goodwood

Round 1 April 19, 2020 - The Sunday Night Assetto Corsa Series kicked off a new 6-week mini-season on April 19th to help classic racing fans and members of Champion Motorsports pass the fine with some door-to-door banging on Sunday nights. For this 6 week season, we are going to see the Alfa Romeo GT AM car take on the Ford Escort.  This is going to be a popular combination to watch on the track and if Round 1 at Goodwood was any indication will be very well attended. Over 20 cars took the green flag at the Iconic Goodwood Circuit in these phenomenal cars. Congratulations to Aaron Roberts for the win. A shout-out as well to Michael Kolar and Matt Geddes for their podium finishes. Results & Standings