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Rally Poland Results

December 24, 2019 - Round 4 of the CMS Rally Championship Season 2 in Poland is in the books, and we have a repeat of last round's podiums! 4WD 1. Michael Miesenberger 2. Tommi Neuvonen 3. Magnar Haarstadsveen FWD 1. Michael Miesenberger 2. Tommi Neuvonen 3. Benjamin Klumpp Results Full Results and Standings: 4WD and FWD

CMS Greek Rally Segment Concludes

December 12, 2019 - Round three of the CMS Rally Championship took us to Greece. Here is how it shaped-up! 4WD 1st Place: Michael Miesenberger 2nd Place: Tommi Neuvonen 3rd Place: Magnar Haarstadsveen FWD 1st Place: Michael Miesenberger 2nd Place: Tommi Neuvonen 3rd Place: Benjamin Klumpp Congratulation to the winning podiums! Full results, stats, and standings are available here: 4WD Results FWD Results

CMSRC S1E3 – Poland

August 11, 2019 – Event #3 is history, and it was a challenging one! Let’s have a look at what the pure results tell us… 32 cars lined up for Rally Poland at Jagodno but only 20 saw the finish when returning to Jagodno. Everyone finished the first stage with a difference from 45s from P1 to P32. The second stage already saw 2 cars going out, Rallye_Co_Pilot_87 and Riggs, the only A-Sport member this time. Magnar’s PC had a CTD (Crash to Desktop) why he got no time for that stage. He had several CTD afterwards but finished the rally on 4 wheels – unfortunately he’ll be counted as a DNF. Torwith and Crazymotors joined the party of Non-finishers during stage 4, the last short stage before the first service park. > more

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CMSRC S1E2 – Sweden

August 7, 2019 - The A-Sport team was on top once again with a 1-2 finish in snowy Sweden! Bombast1k took the top spot and a big 5 stage wins with teammate Riggs taking second, both piloting Ford Fiestas. Third on the podium was Wolfsmind in the Mitsubishi. A difficult rally for 1KorteX1 meant Bombast1k and Riggs moved ahead into the top 2 spots of the standings, with 1KorteX1 not far behind in third. Even with a challenging location, there was significantly less attrition this round with 74% of drivers able to finish all 12 stages. Results Standings After Round 2 Full Stage Results

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CMSRC S1E1 – Argentina

August 7, 2019 - 37 cars rolled out for the start and already 6 didn’t see the finish of stage 1! Magnar (who is freakin fast but struggles with PC problems ever since there is Dirt Rally), Xsaros & Torwith (Fast guys but wait, wasn’t there a bridge…) and RallyManic1964. Kitakaze and pearlo81 complete the list of DNF’s for stage 1. On stage 2 only Russelcubs joined the group before the drivers calmed down until stage 6, when Huillaprima forced forum-members svt4cam and Roy Magnes to their knees. Biggest surprise was the DNF of Galvalao, member of esports team A-Sport, as he led the event by nearly 18s after the previous stage and winning the first five stages. So we should attest him that he always drove at the limits – great drive so far mate! San Isidro saw all starters finish before Ledesma set a DNF on stage > more

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