CMS Historics Summer Fun Events

CMS Historics will host fun events this summer on Assetto Corsa revisiting historical content that deserves a spin and brings a smile. Join us on Sunday nights at 9 pm Eastern US time for one-hour races at 3 classic tracks. Series Information If you haven’t already, please join the Champion Motorsports Discord Server. Car set will change each race and will be announced two weeks in advance. See our #league-info channel on Discord for the latest information. Qualifying sessions are 15 minutes long beginning at 8:45 pm eastern US time on the night of each race. Races begin immediately following qualifying and a 2-minute delay. Pit stops are mandatory, you must stop for at least 1 liter of fuel (tire changes are optional). Server connection info, as well as download links for the mod and add-on tracks, are available in our #league-info channel on Discord  No registration needed, open to > more