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CMS Historics Summer Fun Events

CMS Historics will host fun events this summer on Assetto Corsa revisiting historical content that deserves a spin and brings a smile. Join us on Sunday nights at 9 pm Eastern US time for one-hour races at 3 classic tracks. Series Information If you haven’t already, please join the Champion Motorsports Discord Server. Car set will change each race and will be announced two weeks in advance. See our #league-info channel on Discord for the latest information. Qualifying sessions are 15 minutes long beginning at 8:45 pm eastern US time on the night of each race. Races begin immediately following qualifying and a 2-minute delay. Pit stops are mandatory, you must stop for at least 1 liter of fuel (tire changes are optional). Server connection info, as well as download links for the mod and add-on tracks, are available in our #league-info channel on Discord  No registration needed, open to > more

Matt Geddes Does it Again, Celebrates Championship with a Win

Race Report by David Anderson May 24, 2020 - One race left after finding out he clinched the Sunday Night Assetto Corsa Championship a week prior. No problem for Matt Geddes as he would cement his Championship season with dominance, by taking yet another win in the season finale this Sunday night at Calabogie, one of the most challenging courses to date that the series would see. Behind him again with another phenomenal drive was Aaron Roberts on the Podium. Justin Poteet would also take his second podium in a row to round out 3rd. This series as incredible with high attendance in every event and a great sign of things to come in our Sunday Night Assetto Corsa Series. Stay tuned for some special event announcements and a new season coming after the traditional summer break. Full Results

Matt Geddes Clinches Championship in Spring Assetto Corsa Series

Race Report by David Anderson May 17, 2020 - Congratulations to Matt Geddes for clinching the 2020 Spring Assetto Corsa Championship, with one race remaining, as he drove to another dominant performance, this week at Kyalami. Matt has been a front runner in every one of our five races to date, including multiple wins and podiums in every event. Aaron Roberts and Michael Kolar were on the podium with Matt at Kyalami. Next week the series will visit Calabogie for our season finale in what has been one of the most fun and most well attended Assetto Corsa series to date. The fields have been strong with 20+ each event and the racing in the Ford Escort vs Alfa Romeo GT AM car has been spectacular. Congrats Matt for the Championship! Full Results

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Whited Wins in Assetto Corsa Historics Visit to Algarve

Race Report by David Anderson Round 4 May 10, 2020 - The Champion Motorsports Sunday Night Assetto Corsa Historics League continued rolling with a very special and fun event on Mothers Day evening this week.  A strong field showed up to tackle the very technical and challenging Algarve Circuit. The weapons would again be either the Alfa Romeo GT AM car or the Ford Escort. We saw a few drivers, including a few of the front runners, use their one-time car switch allowance to move from the Ford to the Alfa for this race. With a great strategy and blazing pace, Jason Whited would take his first win in the series. Congrats Jason! He was followed by mainstays on the podium Matt Geddes and Michael Kolar. Next week things head to South Africa as we will visit Kyalami in this very popular series!

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Matt Geddes Wins Again in Round 3 at Ahvenisto Race Circuit

Race Report by David Anderson Round 3 May 3, 2020 - The CMS Assetto Corsa Historics Series took to Finland this week for a really fun track at the unique Ahvenisto Race Circuit, a track we do not visit often. Ahvenisto presents a winding roll through the hills that is both fun and challenging. Matt Geddes would make it two race wins in a row and three podiums in each of the first rounds in our season, taking a solid lead in the Championship. He would again be joined by Aaron Roberts on the podium and Justin Poteet would be on the podium as well this week for the first time. A shoutout to Patrice Cote for another solid run and our highest of the Alfa Romeo GT AM cars as they look to have a slight disadvantage to the powerful Escorts. Next week we return to an all > more

Geddes Backs up his Performance at Goodwood with Win at Jerez in CMS Historic Assetto Corsa Race

Race Report by David Anderson Round 2 April 26, 2020 - Congratulations to Matt Geddes for winning this week at Jerez in Round 2 of the CMS Assetto Corsa Historics Series featuring the Ford Escort vs the Alfa Romeo GT Am car. After a wild and fun event at Goodwood we saw another large field take to the Spanish links of Jerez for another really close battle.  This series is proving to have much beating, banging, and lots of laughs with some great drifting to go with it in these cars. Along Matt on the podium were Aaron Roberts, and Jason Whited. Results & Standings

CMS Historics Series starts Ford vs Alfa Series at Goodwood

Round 1 April 19, 2020 - The Sunday Night Assetto Corsa Series kicked off a new 6-week mini-season on April 19th to help classic racing fans and members of Champion Motorsports pass the fine with some door-to-door banging on Sunday nights. For this 6 week season, we are going to see the Alfa Romeo GT AM car take on the Ford Escort.  This is going to be a popular combination to watch on the track and if Round 1 at Goodwood was any indication will be very well attended. Over 20 cars took the green flag at the Iconic Goodwood Circuit in these phenomenal cars. Congratulations to Aaron Roberts for the win. A shout-out as well to Michael Kolar and Matt Geddes for their podium finishes. Results & Standings

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