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CMS Season 5 Round 4 – Nürburgring

Race Report by Mark Dizon

November 24, 2020 – Round 4 of Champion Motorsports Season 5 ACC heads to the Nürburgring for 75 minutes of multi-sprint racing.

Split 1

Josh Staffin #23 Lexus RC F leads the charge for victory in the GT3 class at the Nürburgring! Staffin also captures the fastest lap of the race with a lap time of 1:54.438. The second-place podium goes to Andreas Maier in the #123 Audi R8 rising up from P4 at the race start. Drake Burgoon displayed a strong drive clinching the third-place finish after starting the race in P10.


CMS Season 5 Round 3 – Laguna Seca

Race Report by Mark Dizon

November 16, 2020 – Champion Motorsports ACC heads to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA for the third round of season five! It was a warm overcast evening at race start and track conditions were optimal for close GT racing. The evening event commenced just right before sunset and finished 65 minutes later in the dark of night.

Split 1

Hamza Gulzar #14 Bentley Continental GT3 sealed another victory at Laguna Seca! Shawn Campbell #98 Porsche 911 GT3 was not far behind and finished 0.779 seconds after Hamza in […]

Season 5, Round 2 – Misano

Race Report by Mark Dizon

November 9, 2020 – It was a very challenging second round of multi-class ACC racing at Misano World Circuit with heavy rain conditions during the race weekend. Teams contended with poor visibility and a very wet track while the rain showed no signs of relief. Both races splits saw plenty of drama and action especially during race start in sector 1 Variante Del Parco turns 2 and 3.

Split 1

Hamza Gulza displayed a commanding performance at Misano in his #14 Bentley Continental GT3 winning sprints race 1 and 2 as well as securing pole positions in […]

ACC Monday Kicks Off GT4 Series

Race Report by Drake Burgoon

Night Racing Kickoff

September 7, 2020 – Monday saw the first round of the much anticipated CMS Assetto Corsa Competizione GT4 Series, and it did not disappoint. The race was a 60-minute race at South Africa’s Kyalami circuit and featured 1 mandatory stop for fuel with tires being optional. Due to the overwhelming attendance, the event was split into two servers with split 1 being all Pro classification and split 2 being Silver and AM. With qualifying being pretty standard conditions but knowing a nighttime race is coming the big question […]

ACC Sprint Finale – Spa Race 2

December 2, 2019 – With the final race done and the season complete, we’d first like to thank everyone for participating! Secondly, make sure to keep an eye on the Mondays section on CMS for news regarding season 2! Without further delay, onto the final race report of the season!

Race 2

Pro – With a 1.5 point gap between Josh Staffin in 1st and John Paul Hidalgo in 2nd, the final race of the season proved to be the championship deciding one in a controversial fashion. Hidalgo led from the start, but at the end of lap 1, Staffin broke […]

ACC Sprint Finale – Spa Race 1

December 2, 2019 – ACC Sprint Finale – Spa Race 1

Driver Classification Updates:
Dave Slee: First race, to Silver
Jux Edgar: Name updated to Steve Poe

The subsequent reports will be written with these changes included.

Race 1

Pro – A rainy qualifying 1 shuffled the order, with Bubba Jones, Don Bélanger and Austin Vicari all starting well down the order. Josh Staffin, John Paul Hidalgo and Keith Briscoe held their respective starting positions with a clean run up Raidillon. Jones had to take to the run-off to avoid Steve Poe (Silver) spinning in front of him, dropping from 9th to 11th. Vicari capitalized on […]

ACC Sprint – Zolder Race 1

November 18, 2019 – Driver Classification Updates: Jux Edgar: First race, to Silver – still under review

The subsequent reports will be written with these changes included.

Pro – Pros all hold station for the first 4 laps with John Paul Hidalgo hounding Bubba Jones for 2nd. Lap 5, Josh Staffin hit the anti-cut at the exit of the second chicane and dropped back towards the pack. On lap 6, Hidalgo clipped grass going into turn 2, falling behind Don Bélanger, followed by a spin entering the first chicane, losing another place to Keith Briscoe. Two laps later, Briscoe also spun in […]

ACC Sprint – Zolder Race 2

November 18, 2019 – Results from the event.

Pro – John Paul Hidalgo and Josh Staffin led the field into the first lap, staying side-by-side through the entire first sector; when they arrived at the 1st chicane, Staffin took to the kerb and yielded the lead. Bubba Jones was chasing down Don Bélanger in 3rd, with Keith Briscoe having to defend from Jux Edgar (Silver) and falling away from the frontrunners. Staffin was struggling to match Hidalgo in the early stages, eventually falling back towards Bélanger and Jones behind. Laps went by with things remaining fairly calm; by lap 13 Staffin […]

ACC Sprint – Hungaroring Race 2

November 4, 2019 – Driver Classification Updates:
Miguel Valenzuela: from AM to Silver
Dominic Guerin: First race, to Silver – still under review
Jon Uyan: from Pro to Silver
Ricardo Navon: from Pro to Silver
The reports below will be written with these changes included.

Pro – Race 2 had chaos at the start, with Bubba Jones rushing on the formation lap to regain his proper starting position after a disconnect between races. As the lights went green, a poor start from Jones and Josh Staffin saw them fall away from John Paul Hidalgo in the lead, with Keith Briscoe taking full advantage by moving down […]

ACC Sprint – Hungaroring Race 1

November 4, 2019 – Driver Classification Updates:
Miguel Valenzuela: from AM to Silver
Dominic Guerin: First race, to Silver – still under review
Jon Uyan: from Pro to Silver
Ricardo Navon: from Pro to Silver

The reports below will be written with these changes included.

Pro – Josh Staffin and Bubba Jones showed their dominance around Hungaroring, starting cleanly from the front and keeping out of trouble. Their race became a war of attrition, with the gap between the pair never extending beyond 2 seconds. John Paul Hidalgo and Keith Briscoe had penalties to serve at the start, dropping to back at the end of lap […]

ACC Sprint – Misano Race 2

October 21, 2019 – Results of the Misano Race by classes.

Pro – The battle for the lead may not have been as chaotic as Race 1 with only 2 drivers edging out a gap to the rest of the field, but the racelong battle between Josh Staffin and Bubba Jones showcased excellent racing from both drivers. Jones led into turn 1, but lost it after Staffin moved down the inside into turn 4. With John Paul Hidalgo and Jon Uyan coming together on lap 2 and no other driver able to match the pace of the leading pair, the fight […]

ACC Sprint – Misano Race 1

October 21, 2019 – Results of the Misano Race by classes.

Pro – Misano offered a real treat, with a massive collection of overtakes and a race win that any driver could have taken; Jon Uyan and Josh Staffin were the first to drop out of contention, with Uyan retiring and Staffin getting disqualified for cutting. John Paul Hidalgo had an early spin but a spectacular second half of the race, while Keith Briscoe, Don Bélanger, Bubba Jones and Ricardo Navon all fought for the podium spots. It all came down to the final lap though, as Hidalgo showed his pace […]

ACC Sprint – Monza Race 2

October 7, 2019 – Results of the Monza Race by classes.

Pro – John Paul Hidalgo led from pole with Bubba Jones, Josh Staffin and Don Bélanger giving chase, as the rest of the field caught the curse of turn 1 at Monza. Things progressed steadily, with Hidalgo slowly opening up a gap as Staffin and Jones fought over second. Staffin then spun on lap 6 and went into the barriers, giving 3rd to Bélanger. With Bélanger dropping away from the lead pair, Hidalgo looked good for the victory until a spin on lap 12 cost him the lead and created […]

ACC Sprint – Monza Race 1

October 7, 2019 – Results of the Monza Race by classes.

Pro – A poor start from John Paul Hidalgo and Bubba Jones dropped them well down the order at the start, with Josh Staffin and Don Bélanger getting away well. Staffin was 5 seconds clear of the field until a game crash dropped him out of contention, while Jones fought his way past Keith Briscoe and Bélanger to gain 2nd place. Hidalgo then had a spin into the barriers from the lead, dropping him to 2nd. The damage from the spin proved costly as Bélanger caught and passed him towards […]

ACC Sprint – Barcelona Race 2

September 23, 2019 – Race 2 was chaotic for most, as drivers had found their rhythm and began to push the limits. Keith Briscoe kept clear of any trouble and took 1st, while John Paul Hidalgo was caught in an incident with Josh Staffin, dropping both down the order. Hidalgo recovered to 2nd, while Staffin could only manage 4th. Don Bélanger made a fantastic drive to 3rd after having his Q2 lap invalidated and starting at the back of the field.

Silver Class drivers all had difficult races, with incidents and spins throughout the order. Dave Hassar came home 1st in […]

ACC Sprint – Barcelona Race 1

September 23, 2019 – Race 1 was marked by the dominance of John Paul Hidalgo, outpacing the field with no incidents to speak of. Jon Uyan drove well, taking 2nd overall, with Josh Staffin recovering from a poor start to finish 3rd.

Dave Hassar snatched a victory in Silver class with Ian Jacobs spinning twice and ending up second in class, while JT made an excellent start to take 3 positions within the first two corners, finishing 3rd in class.

In the AM class, Eric Andersen punched well above his weight, mixing in with the Silver drivers and scoring well in the […]

ACC Takes on Nurburgring at Night

August 5, 2019 – This race was the first of two 30-minute sprints. It was a very dark night but the Nurburgring course provides an ample amount of light visibility within the race track. In this first race there was a lot of clustering of cars racing, and for the most part it was very clean. Race winner was Josh Staffin, Keith Briscoe finished second, and Jon Uyan finished third.



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