Summer / Fall 2021 iRacing Sports Car Series


Champion Motorsports proudly announces our Summer / Fall 2021 iRacing Sports Car Series!  Races in the USA time zone, evenings, on alternating Wednesday Nights from July – December 2021. This season will once again feature Multi-Class Racing using the GTE and GT3 cars and feature both PRO and AM Classes within each class. We will also have a “Masters Championship” for drivers in each class over the age of 50, as well as exciting Team and Manufacturer championship chases as well.

Races will range in length from 45-90 minutes at iconic tracks across the globe. We expect some great racing!

New for this season is an optional paid entry to the series. These optional paid entries to support CMS are encouraged, but not mandatory to participate. The recommended entry fee donation is $25 USD for the season. Prizes for the highest finishers among paid entries will be awarded randomly as well as based on performance as a thank you from the admin team for supporting CMS. More details will be provided on eligibility as well as how to make your donation shortly. Money collected from optional entry fees will go towards cost recovery and growth for the CMS iRacing Chapter.

CMS 2021 Summer / Fall Sports Car Series for iRacing

Driver Registration

If you would like to sign-up for the series please fill out the following form as well as submit an application to the CMS iRacing League at this link

Team Registration

Want to register a team to compete in the Team Championship? Register your team with this form. Only one person on the team needs to complete and submit the form.

Current Entry List

As the series progresses, this list will be continually updated.

Class / Car Structure

GTE Classification

  • Corvette GTE
  • Porsche GTE
  • Ferrari GTE

GT3 Classification

Note: All GT3 cars will be configured with a 3% power reduction

  • Lambo GT3
  • BMW GT3
  • Porsche GT3
  • Ferrari GT3



  • July 7 – Watkins Glen Boot (45-minutes test race)
  • July 14 – Silverstone GP (60 minutes) (Pre-Season / Classification RD1)
  • July 21 – VIR Full Course (60 minutes) (Pre-Season / Classification RD2)

Championship Season

  • Aug 04 – Interlagos GP (60-minutes)
  • Aug 18 – Monza Combined (90-minutes)
  • Sep 01 – COTA GP (75-minutes)

Classification balancing if necessary – promotions/demotions within classes.
65% of leaders’ points in the landing class will be awarded if moved.

  • Sep 15 – Hockenheim Ring GP (60-minutes)
  • Sep 29 – Zolder GP (45-minutes)
  • Oct 13 – Long Beach (75-minutes)
  • Oct 27 – Zandvoort GP (45-minutes)
  • Nov 10 – Road America (90-minutes)
  • Nov 17 – Nurburgring 24 Hour (12-laps)
  • Dec 01 – Red Bull Ring GP (75-minutes)

Wednesday Night Race Schedule

  • 7:50 PM Eastern – Practice*
  • 9:30 PM Eastern – Qualifying
  • 9:40 PM Eastern – Race (45 to 90 minutes in length)* In addition, four-hour practice sessions will be available prior to every race on the Sunday and Monday evenings before each round. Practices are highly encouraged for all participants, but not required.

Placement in Class

  • Drivers will be assigned to a class designation PRO or AM after pre-season Race #2, after the 3rd week of the championship season we will also balance classes accordingly.
  • Any driver moved will receive 65% of the championship leader’s points in the new class.
  • New drivers will be evaluated and placed in a class mid-season based on iRating and other information available to the admins – and are subject to be moved by the administrative team at any time to keep competition balanced.

Car Changes

  • Drivers are allowed to make a single car and/or class change a SINGLE time voluntarily during the season, however, all points earned to date will be forfeited when they are moved to the new car or class.
  • Drivers are encouraged to pick a car in the pre-season period and stick with it.
  • More than a single car or class change will not be allowed.

Team Championship

  • We encourage the formation of teams in the series.
  • Teams will be tracked towards an overall team championship.
  • Team Drivers must all drive the same make and model car and may contain between 2-6 drivers.
  • However, only the top 2 finishers per race will earn points towards the team championship.

Manufacturer Championship

  • We will also track an exciting manufacturers championship with incentives to individual drivers.
  • The goal of the manufacturer’s championship is to encourage and promote sharing of setups, strategy, and collaboration between drivers within CMS running the same manufacturer’s cars.
  • The top 2 finishers from each race in each manufacturer will score points towards the championship.
  • All drivers regardless of PRO and/or AM status at the end of the season will receive 5 bonus points towards their individual driver’s championship tally if they are on the team that wins either the GTE or GT3 manufacturer title.
  • This bonus incentive will have an impact on the driver championship and make the manufacturer battle an exciting element of the series.

Points System

The following points system will be used in our series for tracking the drivers, team, and manufacturer championships:

9/7/6/5/4/3/2/ and 1 for all drivers completing 50% or more of the overall class winner’s distance.

+1 for Pole

+1 for fastest lap in each main class (i.e., GTE or GT3)

+1 for zero incidents

+1 for the hard charger in each super class ((i.e., GTE or GT3)

+5 at end of the season to all drivers in winning manufacturer within each class GTE/GT3.

Note: NO DROP Rounds on this series – all races will count towards the championships for simplicity’s sake for the admins tracking points.

Race and Session Details

  • Fast repairs will not be available.
  • At 20 incident points, you will receive a drive-through penalty.
  • After each additional 10 incidents result in an additional drive-through penalty.
  • All races will be rolling starts – with spacing between GTE and GT3 and classes gridded together.
  • Private qualifying is 2 timed laps that will set the starting grid for each race.
  • Dynamic weather and sky for every race and session will be enabled.

Pit Stop Details

  • Fuel Tanks will be set at 100% capacity for all cars for each race.
  • Drivers will not be required to make a pit stop unless race strategy dictates it.
  • We will have races ranging from 45 minutes to 90+ minutes in length and therefore pit stops will be required in certain situations and not in others depending on the track, and event duration, and relative fuel burn of the driven car.

Rules and Regulations

  • The CMS Incident Review Process will be used for driver issues not able to be resolved between the participants.
  • All iRacing Sporting Code and CMS General Competition and Community Rules will be enforced at all times in the series as published and current on both the and websites.
  • All members are required and expected to have read and understood the rules and regulations and will be held to the standard of CMS and iRacing at the most professional level.
  • It’s common sense, behave like an adult, treat others as you would expect to be treated and you will do very well with CMS.

Class Numbering Requirements

  • Drivers will be required to set their league numbering as follows in the iRacing League Portal
  • 0-100 numbers for Pro Drivers (GT3 and GTE)
  • 200 Numbers for AM Drivers (GT3 and GTE)
  • Any driver who races after their first event without the proper numbering will be disqualified from race results. ZERO exceptions.
  • The admin team will work with drivers to help set numbers, but the ownership of making sure your number is set properly is always on the driver.

Number Plates and Windshield Banners

CMS will be providing Number Plates and Windshield Banners for Pro / AM GTE / GT3 cars soon with instructions and guidelines for all drivers and teams to use. Download the files here.

Custom Skins

We will be using Trading Paints for the series. Drivers are encouraged to do a custom skin (with the required number plates and windshield banner!) and show off their creativity!