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MNRL ’74 911 Challenge at Brands Hatch

October 8, 2019 – Races 2 and 3 in the ’74 911 Challenge Series took place Tuesday at Brands Hatch.

Jason Whited qualified on pole, showing his desire to keep the streak alive after winning both races in the first round of the series.

He managed to win the first race of the night, but the inverse grid and an incident involving multiple cars near the top of the running order put an early end to any chance of doubling down on this night.

Gilles Lalonde was able to capitalize on the inverse grid in Race 2. He took an early lead and maintained it to the end, leading all but the first two laps of the race.

Joe Miller secured P2 in both races, gaining all important points for the championship. He also maintains second in championship standings at this time.

Tyler Alan rounded out the podium in Race 1 and in Race 2, his father, Todd Alan secured the P3 spot.

In the seniors division, Jerry Hamilton picked up a nice win in Race 1 followed by a podium spot in Race 2 as well (P3).

Pete Holm won Race 2. Aaron Page also found a podium spot with a nice P2 finish. Jerry Hamilton rounded out the podium.

Cadwell Park is the next track in this series and given the challenging nature of the circuit it’s expected we’ll see just as much variety in the running order as we have thus far.

You won’t want to miss it. Join in before it’s too late, this series is only just heating up!


MNRL 1974 911 Challenge Series at Brands Hatch

ACC Sprint – Monza Race 2

October 7, 2019 – Results of the Monza Race by classes.

Pro – John Paul Hidalgo led from pole with Bubba Jones, Josh Staffin and Don Bélanger giving chase, as the rest of the field caught the curse of turn 1 at Monza. Things progressed steadily, with Hidalgo slowly opening up a gap as Staffin and Jones fought over second. Staffin then spun on lap 6 and went into the barriers, giving 3rd to Bélanger. With Bélanger dropping away from the lead pair, Hidalgo looked good for the victory until a spin on lap 12 cost him the lead and created over a 6 second gap to Jones who had inherited it. Jones proceeded to take victory, with Hidalgo 2nd and Bélanger finishing the podium.

Silver – The Silver drivers of JT Tami and Dave Hassar were stuck down in the midfield, where chaos unfolded around them. Tami led Hassar throughout the race, managing the gap well until a collision with an anti-cut kerb on lap 6 dropped him towards the back of the field, only to carry on after dropping 3 laps behind the leaders. Hassar was chasing down Andersen (AM) for 4th overall until a spin in Ascari saw him collide with the barriers. With the damage from the first impact, he had lost a significant amount of pace and dropped to 6th overall, where he ultimately finished. Hassar took the class victory, with Tami finishing 2nd in class, though neither had the race they would have wanted.

AM – The source of the chaos into T1 on lap 1, the AM class was initially led by Miguel Valenzuela, followed by Eric Andersen and Jorge Rivera. Andersen bounced across the sausage kerb in turn 2, catching the rear of Valenzuela causing him to spin across the front of the midfield. Ricardo Navon (Pro) escaped cleanly on the inside as the rest of the pack bunched up until Keith Briscoe (Pro) went for a gap between Andersen and Valenzuela, unfortunately pinging between both before spinning off into the barriers on the outside. Rivera tagged the rear of Valenzuela who moved across to avoid Briscoe, spinning him off to the inside and into the barriers as well. With all of this, the fight for the AM lead fell between Rivera and Andersen. Unfortunately Rivera had oversteer through Ascari that same lap, dropping down the order and giving Andersen the class lead, and eventually the class win. With Valenzuela dropping out, only Andersen and Rivera made the podium, in 1st and 2nd respectively.


ACC Sprint - Monza Race 2

ACC Sprint – Monza Race 1

October 7, 2019 – Results of the Monza Race by classes.

Pro – A poor start from John Paul Hidalgo and Bubba Jones dropped them well down the order at the start, with Josh Staffin and Don Bélanger getting away well. Staffin was 5 seconds clear of the field until a game crash dropped him out of contention, while Jones fought his way past Keith Briscoe and Bélanger to gain 2nd place. Hidalgo then had a spin into the barriers from the lead, dropping him to 2nd. The damage from the spin proved costly as Bélanger caught and passed him towards the end, making the final order on the podium Jones, Bélanger, Hidalgo.

Silver – Dave Hassar was the only silver driver present this race. Am early error dropped him down to the back of the field, where he caught and battled with Michael Mortensen (AM) for 8th overall. After clearing Mortensen he proceeded to catch Migeul Valenzuela (AM) and Eric Andersen (AM) battling, but a mistake into T1 cost him a chance of moving further up the order. Eventually he came home in 6th overall due to Keith Briscoe (Pro) and Valenzuela (AM) running out of fuel.

AM – A mistake on lap 2 dropped Miguel Valenzuela down from the class lead to the back, but charged back to retake the class lead on lap 6. Jorge Rivera defended the class lead well to that point, covering off both Eric Andersen and Valenzuela until lap 6, where a spin threw him into the barriers and dropped him well behind the rest of the field. With Michael Mortensen fighting with Dave Hassar (Silver) down the order, the class lead was now between Andersen and Valenzuela; Valenzuela defended well, until Keith Briscoe (Pro) (who had had a spin earlier on) overtook both drivers, forcing Valenzuela to take a poor line through the 2nd chicane and giving Andersen the class lead. Andersen defended to maintain the class lead to the end, at which point Valenzuela ran out of fuel and had to back out. On lap 12, Mortensen retired to the pits, gifting 3rd in class to Rivera. The top 3 in the class were Andersen, Valenzuela, Rivera.


ACC Sprint - Monza Race 1

CMS Dirt Rally 2.0 Season 1 is a wrap!

October 3, 2019 – Season 1 of the Championship Motorsports Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship is a wrap!

Big grats to Tommi “Wolfsmind” for finishing first, competing in every round and taking two rally wins!
In second was Michael “misix” Miesenberger with four rally wins, and in third was Dag-Inge “d69-inge” Hansen who put in a consistent effort all season long.

This first season was big a success, with a total of 50 drivers taking part over 8 rounds. Season 2 is in the planning phase, stop by the CMS Discord server and let us know what you want to run!


Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship Season 1 is a Wrap!

MNRL F1 1995 Series at Buenos Aires

Newcomer Allan Hellman shocked fans and drivers alike with a commanding victory in the first race of the MNRL 1995 F1 Series at Buenos Aires.

Frank McCurdy put in a solid race that paid off with a P2 finish. Joe Miller rounded out the top 3.

In the seniors divsion, Denis Turcotte set the pace with a solid win, finishing 4th overall.

The second round of the series will be held October 14 at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and if the first round of the series is any indication of the action we’ll see, we’re in for a great race and an action packed series throughout!


MNRL F1 1995 Series Opener at Buenos Aires

NARS Summer Finale at Laguna Seca

September 26, 2019 – A 24 race sim racing season is adventuresome and the 2019 NARS Summer Series has now wound down to the final race with the GT3 cars at Laguna Seca.

In the 15-minute qualifying race JT Tami got home from work early and made the best of it with a pole and win in the race in Group A followed by Norm Graf in second and John Uyan in third. In Group B, Brian Hall continued his winning ways followed by Paul Ibbotson and Tom Nasella. Due to some technical problems, the feature race was a bit briefer than planned. Don Fryman took the win in Group A followed by Jon and JT. In Group B it was once again Brian Hall followed by Mark Cotherman then Frank Radosti.

Congratulations to the Group A podium of Greg Hall, Norm Graf, and Jon Uyan! Congratulations to the Group B podium of Brian Hall, Frank Radosti, and Tom Nasella! Thanks to everyone who participated in this loooong series!

Series Championship Results

NARS Autumn Series kicks-off on October 3rd with a test race at Sebring. Read all the details on the new series here.

NARS Summer Series closes at the popular Laguna Seca track