August 15, 2019 – Show up last to finish first, that’s how JT Tami handles things. With real life responsibilities keeping JT from joining the server until the last minute of warmup, I asked if he would like for warmup to be restarted, only to hear “no, give me 30 seconds to make my setup and we’re good to go”. This was also JT’s first win in the Summer Series so a good night for him! Frank Radosti got his first win in the series taking the podium in Group B.

Having run Gingerman Raceway the previous week, drivers didn’t have to learn another new track. But that didn’t make it any easier to keep it on the tarmac on this tight and narrow track. So off-track excursions seemed to be the norm for the night especially turn one from a standing start. Even so, all that entered the feature race received the checkered flag.

With the summer season in full swing our entry numbers have taken quite a hit, but Labor Day is fast approaching and hopefully we’ll see improved numbers on Thursday NARS events after the holiday.