August 22, 2019 – Well it’s been a very trying week for rFactor2 Admins. First, the scheduled track (Barber) would not work with the latest version of rF2 requiring a track change. Then a round of updates from S397 broke more things than they fixed. Finally, on the morning of the race S397 released an update that would allow us to get the race in but the crew at S397 still have some bugs to fix.

New Jersey Motorsports Park was a new track for most of us so learning a new track with several blind corners kept the pucker factor on high for most of the night. Then once you had the track figured out, it was on to tire management which shook up the finishing order.

In the end it was Greg Hall taking the checkered flag for Group A followed in the distance by Don Fryman and Colin Moore. In Group B we saw Brian Hall win another one followed by Frank Radosti and Paul Ibbotson.