1982 was a time of transition as Formula 1 saw ground effects coming into focus and teams were able to experiment with aero elements.  It was a season that saw the first (rarely) successful mid-race pitstops.  But it was the first true demonstration of how they could become a vital part of race.  And it was a series that saw great innovation in engineering as temperamental turbos fought hard against slow and steady naturally aspirated power plants.  It saw stirring battles and rivalries among corruption and labor disputes while touring a wide assortment of locations.

It was also a season defined by controversy and tragedy.  Many drivers saw terribly violent crashes that even threatened spectators.  And some like Gilles Villeneuve at Belgium and Riccardo Paletti in Canada did not walk away from their incidents.  While their loss was horrific, it lead to a safer future in the top tier of motorsport.

Cars: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2760605286

Developed by Emperor of Finland and his team of test drivers and community consultants, including Rookie Monsters’ Ben Boorman.  It is designed to demonstrate the incredible (and often deceptive) power of ground effects for handling while allowing drivers great freedom in using the tools of the day:

Models:  All cars from the 1982 season are present and visually distinguished from one another.  To keep the variables restricted to choice of equipment below, car models are very similar (league edition) so you can enjoy your favorite brand knowing it will be competitive, even if it wasn’t in real life.

Engines:  Turbos were quick, taking the front rows at nearly every qualifying.  But they were very heavy with the extra fuel required.  If they weren’t running out or exploding, they were often under siege from lighter, N/A powered cars at the start.  Only drivers who are confident in fuel and engine management should select a 4, 6 or 8 cylinder turbo engine for their race.  N/A drivers can choose a nice V8 or V12.  Just remember, more cylinders is more power but also more fuel usage.  Details in the car selection.

Tires:  Radial tires were quickly becoming the preferred choice after they went mainstream due to their consistent performance but bias-plys could still offer an advantage to drivers who prefer more accommodating slip angles at the expense of faster degradation.  Drivers can also choose from some branding options (graphical change only).

Front Wing:  It’s crazy to think of modern F1’s running without it but the ground effects were so effective, teams found several occasions on long and fast circuits where not having one lead to faster laps.  Just watch your mirrors in the corners.

Tracks: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2618731740

Calendar: https://bit.ly/3F2uw7o (Google)

For the European League calendar and details, visit our Discord (note, you will need to accept league rules on entry) https://discord.gg/4ckmjPX

Euro League races will run the preceding Sunday with double the race length.

Hockenheim 22 laps test 7 Mar

Jacarepaguá 32 laps test 14 Mar

Kyalami 39 laps 4.104km 158km. 46 mins            4 Apr

Jacarepaguá 32 laps 5.031km 158.5km 52 mins        11 Apr

Longbeach 38 laps 3.428km 129.5km 59 mins        18 Apr

San Marino 30 Laps 5.040km 151km 48 mins        25 Apr

Zolder 35 Laps 4.262km 149km 48 mins            9 May

Monaco 38 Laps 3.312km 126km 59 mins            23 May

Detroit 31 Laps 4.168km 129km 59 mins            30 May

Montreal 35 Laps 4.410km 154.5km 53 mins        6 Jun

Zandvoort 36 Laps 4.252km 153km 49 mins        13 Jun

Brands Hatch 38 Laps 4.207km 160km 48 mins    20 Jun

Paul Ricard 27 Laps 5.809km 157km 47 mins        27 Jun

Hockenheim 23 Laps 6.802km 156km 45 mins    11 Jul

Österreichring 27 Laps 5.942km 160km 45 mins    18 Jul

Dijon 40 Laps 3.801km 152km 46 mins            1 Aug

Monza 26 Laps 5.800km 301.600km 43 mins        8 Aug

Caesars Palace 38 Laps 3.65km 273.75km 53 min    15 Aug


Event Schedule:

7:00PM US EST|00:00 GMT – Server Reboot/Practice (2 hours)

8:55PM US EST|01:55 GMT – Drivers’ briefing (5 mins)

9:00PM US EST|02:00 GMT – Qualifying (20 mins)

9:20PM US EST|02:20 GMT – Box Check/Warmup (<10 mins)

9:30PM US EST|02:30 GMT – Race


We will use the latest retail build of rFactor 2.

Start type: Recon lap + Standing Start

Damage: 50%

Crash Recovery: Off. That means your car can fly off the track and land upside down. Drive carefully!

Driving View: Open

Aids: Auto Clutch.  Am class drivers may use up to Medium ABS and/or Traction Control*

Tires: 1x

Fuel: 2x

Mechanical Failure: 2x

Time Scale: 2x

Weather: Live

There is no pre-registration for the competition. Arrive and Drive!

The server name will be “CMS MNRL F1 1982 TrackName”.

The server password will be given upon server reset and posted in Discord.

Pro & Am Driver Classes:

To facilitate competition among a wide variety of competitors, drivers will be classified Pro or Am and scored in independent class championships.  Class is initially determined by the driver but will be evaluated based on pace on subsequent races.

If a driver’s average lap time is better than 99% of the average lap time taken from all laps from all Am drivers during a race, Admins have the right to reassign that driver’s class and rescore them.

Points System:

Drivers must complete 50% to score points

1st 9
2nd 6
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 2
6th 1
7th+ 0.5

*Pro drivers using rF2 Aids: TC or ABS, will receive a 4 position penalty post-race.

Timing & Scoring:

LiveRacers will be used to record all server sessions: http://cmsracing-com.liveracers.com/Live

Race Communications:

We will use the CMS Discord rFactor 2 voice channel for race communications at https://discord.com/invite/4ckmjPX

The voice channel is required, but only to monitor race control during the event. You do not need a microphone if you do not want to speak.

If you have a microphone, please set it to “push to talk” or voice activation with a threshold that doesn’t allow background noises.

Talk is permitted and encouraged during Practice and Warmup sessions!  For qualification and race sessions, rF2 text chat is forbidden and voice communication should be limited to critical notifications, no longer than a sentence.

Abusive, disruptive and/or profane in-game chat or Discord/forum posts may lead to that driver receiving a sanction up to and including a permanent ban from CMS.

Drivers not in the Discord voice channel will be sent 3 text prompts in rFactor 2 to join the CMS Discord server. After the 3rd prompt, they will be removed from the race server until they join the Discord voice channel.

Custom Skins:

Drivers are encouraged to create custom liveries (that adhere to CMS policies) using the rFactor 2 loose skin method.  “Default” or available mod liveries may be used as well.

CMS Golden Rule of Racing:

If you gain advantage or track position through a driving error or contact, consider pulling off track in a safe location to return the position or negate the advantage (even when not being actively penalized through the rF2 track limits system). Doing so may also reduce or eliminate a post-race penalty by stewards.

CMS General Competition Rules & Supplementary Rules:

1) All rFactor 2 system delegated penalties must be served and are not controlled by the live admins.

2) A post-race IRR (Incident Review Request) submitted by the driver for review using the General Competition Rules.

3) Crossing solid blend lines on pit road entry/exit lines is prohibited. Tires may touch these lines but not exceed them.  Penalties will be applied, even if there is no contact or incident with another vehicle.

4) Respect qualifying hotlaps.  Drivers may press ESC during qualifying sessions at any time and as many times as desired.  If you abandon a qualifying lap, please do so safely in a way that doesn’t compromise a competitor’s lap.

Don’t Press ESC during a race! If you do, your race is over.  Race rejoin is available by ctrl+alt+del killing rF2 or manually disconnecting your internet connection.

5) Orange zones are designated portions of the track (usually sector 1) which will be reviewed post-race for lap 1 incidents.  Infractions in the OZ will result in more severe penalties.

6) Blue flag drivers are not required to yield but may not obstruct a faster car.  The lapping car must make a clean pass.

7) Open setups, but we encourage sharing and collaboration! CMS has always thrived on healthy competition and individual growth so don’t be afraid to help a fellow member in need.

NOTE: Customizable options such as engines, no-front wing, etc cannot be changed after qualifying.

Important Notes:

  • It is strongly advised drivers reboot their computer just before joining the server on race day.
  • Drivers must have a stable and satisfactory connection while on the server. Sustained high ping rates or constant dropouts may be grounds for removal until a proper connection can be maintained. Only Ethernet cable connections (no WiFi) are permitted for VHSC racing events.
  • We strongly recommend turning on headlights when going to track, using the rF2Headlights plugin ( https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/headlight-controls.63904/) or activating Auto Headlights in your rF2 settings. Do not suffer a headlight DQ!

Questions?  Check the MNRL #links-rF2-historics and #league-info channels on the CMS Discord: https://discord.com/invite/4ckmjPX.  Or ask the rFactor 2 admins or community.

See you on the track!