iRacing GT4 Series


Originally planned for Tuesday evenings, the Champion Motorsports GT4 iRacing Series is now running on Wednesday nights on opposite weeks of the GTE/GT3 Series! With fixed setups, forced pit stops, and multiple classes, this series features tight racing running from August till Thanksgiving!



This series will race FIXED SETUPS using the following GT4 car choices:

  • Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport
  • BMW M4 GT4
  • McLaren 570S GT4


  • This series will have 60-minute races and a limited fuel tank capacity forcing a pit stop in the race.
  • The server race settings will have dynamic sky and weather and a random starting track state.
  • Qualifying will be a 15-minute open session.
  • Drive-through penalties will be assessed every 20 incident points.
  • No fast repairs will be available.


The schedule is as follows:

Championship Season

  • August 3 – Circuit of the Americas – Grand Prix Circuit
  • August 11 – Sebring International Raceway – International Layout
  • August 25 – Silverstone – Grand Prix Circuit
  • September 8 – Circuit Spa-Francorchamps – Grand Prix Pits
  • September 22 – Autodromo Nazionale Monza – Grand Prix Circuit
  • October 6 – Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya – Grand Prix
  • October 20 – Mount Panorama Circuit
  • November 3 – Brands Hatch – Grand Prix
  • November 24 – Silverstone – Grand Prix

The 9 race Championship season will remove each driver’s lowest 2 race scores over the season:


1st place – 25 points
2nd – 22 points
3rd – 20 points
4th – 18 points
5th – 16 points
6th – 14 points
7th – 12 points
8th – 10 points
9th – 9 points
Then decreasing by one to 17th place – 1 point

Points will be awarded as shown above for each class separately, with two separate Championships, PRO and AM.

Race Night Schedule

  • 8:45 pm Eastern Standard Time – Server Session Opens for Practice
  • 9:30 pm Eastern Standard Time – Qualifying
  • ~9:45 pm Eastern Standard Time – Green Flag

Placement in Class

  • Drivers will be assigned to a class designation PRO or AM. This classification will be handled by the admins and will use existing classifications from the GTE/GT3 series with adjustments made as needed.
  • New Drivers that join the series after the pre-season will be evaluated and placed in a class based on iRating and other information available to the admins – and are subject to be moved by the administrative team at any time to keep competition balanced.
  • Any driver moved between classes will receive the equivalent of points they would have scored in previous races in the alternate class.

Car Changes

Drivers are allowed to make a single car change a SINGLE time voluntarily during the season, however, all points earned to date will be forfeited when they are moved to the new car or class.

Drivers that wish to change cars will need to notify the series Administrator before the server opens on race night. If the Administrator finds a car change without notification, points for that race will be removed and the driver DQ’d from the standings.

Drivers are encouraged to pick a car in the pre-season period and stick with it.

More than one car change will not be allowed.

Rules and Regulations

  • The CMS Incident Review Process will be used for driver issues not able to be resolved between the participants.
  • All iRacing Sporting Code and CMS General Competition and Community Rules will be enforced at all times in the series as published and current on both the and websites.
  • All members are required and expected to have read and understood the rules and regulations and will be held to the standard of CMS and iRacing at the most professional level.
  • It’s common sense, behave like an adult, treat others as you would expect to be treated and you will do very well with CMS.

Class Numbering Requirements

  • 0-199 numbers for Pro Drivers
  • 200 Numbers for AM Drivers
  • To make things easier, all drivers will use the same number in both the Tuesday night series as well as the Wednesday night series.
  • The Administrators will set the numbers using the League Administrator controls in iRacing, and any new drivers will be asked a preferred car number prior to assignment.

This series has been created for one purpose only, friendly competition. While we have rules in place, we also don’t intend to add complications or pressure to perform on race night. We all started sim-racing from scratch, and regardless of your experience, we want everyone to feel welcome here. So please, come in and make some friends and we hope you have a great time!