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Formula 3.5 Championship Series

Please complete this form to secure your spot in the championship! Spots for each class are limited, so please choose carefully.

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Your username is visible by clicking your name/avatar at the bottom left of your Discord window. It is NOT the same as the nickname that everyone sees when you send a message.

Your iRacing Customer ID can be found on your iRacing profile, or under My Account. It allows us to more easily track your race results in our championship standings.

We do our best, but a little help is appreciated!

Per CMS rules, all participants in CMS races must update their nickname on the CMS Discord to match their real name.

On the CMS Discord server, right click your name in any text chat channel. Select Edit Server Profile, and then enter your real name in the Nickname field, and Save Changes.

Your Racing Info

When selecting “I’m not sure,” we’ll get in touch to help you pick the most appropriate classification.

Car Number Registration

By default, you will be automatically assigned a number. If you wish to register a particular number, please visit our Discord and look for the #number-registration channel.

Our 50+ championship runs parallel to the main Pro/Am championships, so you will earn points towards both. If you are at least 50 years old, you are eligible (but not required!) to compete in the 50+ championship.

Please pick the answer that best describes how you found out about this series.

Rules and Information

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General Competition Rules
Formula 3.5 Championship Series

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