Race Report by Patrice Cote
Images by Patrice Cote

January 23rd, 2022 – After very intense last two weeks of work by all drivers to get familiar with their new ride for the winter season, the ever cool Lotus 72D, it was finally time to officially kick off the season at Silverstone 67. The unofficial practice session showed the dedication of the drivers to tame the beast with over 2000 practice laps before the race even started.

The pole went to Connor Levy closely followed by Aaron Roberts, they were the only ones breaking into 1:20 territory after a tensed and suspenseful session with fastest time holder changing many times.

At the start line there were fifteen brave souls seeking to grab a share of (sim) motorsport glory and have a blast while doing so. The race start made all the marshal nervous as the grid is very compact. Loosing no time, Aaron Roberts jumped ahead at the green and went in front into T1.

There were many tight battles throughout the field, but in front Aaron soon held a commanding lead relentlessly increasing his lead lap after lap despite valiant efforts by the Connor and Jake Fleissner.

At the finish line, Aaron was followed by Connor and yours truly. It was a tight contest with Alessandro Pava for the last step of the podium. But that’s an impressive feat for a racer coming back from a 10 years hiatus. Something tells me this is just the beginning, no pressure!

Here’s the highlight reel from Alessandro’s view point.

There is still plenty of action coming and a few spots left on the grid, reserve your ride now to be part of it.