CMS EA WRC Season One

We at CMS host three different championships in Season One. First championship will be reproducing the 2023 WRC2 championship with 13 events and mostly around 230km distance per rally. The itineraries orientate on the original ones with a sequence of stages that appear twice (not all stages!). Here we will have the feature of Power Stages, i.e. you can earn extra points for being fast on the last stage. Scoring system will be the real WRC2 system. The second championship will be reproducing the 1993 World Rally Championship using the Group A class. This will be a challenging one as each of the 13 events appears with distances around the 250km mark. Scoring system depends on the number of sign-ups and will be announced later. Last but not least we have the reproduction of the 1980 World Rally Championship. This one will be driven with the H2RWD cars on 12 different locations. The distances of the events will depend on the location as we drive each stage once. Scoring system depends on the number of sign-ups and will be announced later.


  • Each round lasts 2 weeks, stages can’t be restarted.
  • As the game has a bug, the car will be repaired automatically if you exit the event after a stage without being in the service park. So please don’t use this one to your benefit to circumvent the system – it’s about fun here, and at CMS we drive with respect and courtesy of other drivers. So in the spirit of fun and and fair competition we ask all rallying to be done service park to service park so that the bug is not induced. If the CMS admins become aware of anyone who is not abiding by the honor system we may disqualify you from the current and/or future rallies.
  • Choose your car wisely as you are allowed to change the car once per championship and must drive the car you changed to for the rest of the season.

Sign-up Procedure

Sign-ups are conducted on Discord. Please see the #wrc-info channel on the CMS Discord for more information.

The links to the clubs are:

Add Lutz Müller as a friend on Racenet to join one of these clubs. PM me on Discord for details.

This and That

We kindly ask the fast guys not to choose the fastest car of the class (Especially in Gr. A) so we may get more exciting championships (I personally love the Lancia Delta since my early days but won’t choose it as it’s so much faster than the other Gr. A cars if you’re able to handle it). Choose what you like, not what you’re fast with! We recommend to note stage times manually or make screenshots (F12 on PC) after each stage if something happens with Racenet. Believe us, it’s experience from several DR2 seasons…


Please see the #wrc-info channel on Discord for the up-to-date calendar.

Scoring System

  • The 2023 WRC2 championships will have the WRC scoring system, so the first 10 finishers get points (25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1) and the last stage is the Power Stage, where the fastest 5 drivers get extra points (5-4-3-2-1).
  • The 1993 and 1980 championships will also orientate on the scoring system of their time, as they were the same back then. That means there won’t be Power Stages, but also the first 10 will score for the championship in the end (20-15-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1).

Admin Team

  • Lutz Müller