August 11, 2019 – Event #3 is history, and it was a challenging one! Let’s have a look at what the pure results tell us… 32 cars lined up for Rally Poland at Jagodno but only 20 saw the finish when returning to Jagodno. Everyone finished the first stage with a difference from 45s from P1 to P32. The second stage already saw 2 cars going out, Rallye_Co_Pilot_87 and Riggs, the only A-Sport member this time. Magnar’s PC had a CTD (Crash to Desktop) why he got no time for that stage. He had several CTD afterwards but finished the rally on 4 wheels – unfortunately he’ll be counted as a DNF. Torwith and Crazymotors joined the party of Non-finishers during stage 4, the last short stage before the first service park.

The long stage Jezioro Rotcze saw no victims but stage 6 was the one where TUS Cham, being on P2 after the previous stage, found his master. Another proof for the thesis, that you always have to go flat out if you want to keep yourself in the higher regions of the tables…

Stages 7, 8 and 9 seem to be not that challenging as nobody got lost there but the long Zagórze took another zwo guys – Kitakaze & svt4cam – out of the rally.

Another P2-guy got his knock-out on stage 11 – Mirk. Also the winner of Argentina, 1Kortex1, quit during this stage.
Alltogether tese were the twelve that got out and the rest gained points – as easy as that!

From P15-19 we see five well-known CMS members – finishing before cypheus on P20 – as they are: Erik (Xsaros), Gene (Kinggene), Aaron (Enamel), David (DavidAnTx) and Brian (Brian_Patterson). Finishing within 1min do the guys on P12 to P14 with Lutz (Walter Röhrl) driving 19s faster than german fellow Ralf_Mol and another 28s faster in total than Bleifussler.

On P11 we see jak2755 before we take a look at the Top Ten:

Overall 4th in the championship tables before this rally finishes Tommi (Wolfsmind) on P10 after having 3 consecutive bad stages at the end of Rally Poland. Already well known from our D4 championships comes Attraktiver Elch in on P9 as he makes his first appearance this season. Overall 5th after Event #2, Glenowan, finishes on P8 just 2s in front of the Elch and adds another 8 points to his account. Just 0,224s ahead finishes that_guy on P7.
Inbetween 44s in total come positions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in. On P6 finishes, the maybe oldest competitor, Christioph (christoph1954) with a total time of 56:58.624 in front of Thomas (Infected Harpy) on P5 having a total time of 56:50.098. Roundabout 5s faster in the end was Nigel (Rallymanic1964) from Australia (If I remember correctly) having a 56:44.601 which makes him own P4 and just one step away from the podium – well deserved Nigel!
P3 goes to CMS-member Dag-Inge (d69_inge) – that comeback turns out to be a great one Dag!

On P2, after a strong and constant performance, we give applause to Lauris_A – nice one mate!

Well, what can I say about the guy on P1? On top of the tables from stage 1 onward. Never in slighest danger of loosing this position as he won every stage, a guy that I’ve never heard of before… MISIX!

That was a demonstration of your strength mate – very impressive!

Report by Lutz Müller