Champion Motorsports is pleased to present the Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship Series

Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship Series


With the introduction of private clubs within Dirt Rally 2.0 Champion Motorsports is now hosting an exciting R5 Rally Championship competing from July 2019 to October 2019. Joining us is really simple, and easy to get involved. Simply make an application within Dirt Rally 2.0 clubs at the following link and also join our Discord Server and visit the “Dirt Rally 2.0 Category” to get involved in discussions and the latest Championship information and results.


Discord Channel

Car Class


Points Structure

Drivers score points for the championship within every event, according to the follwowing table:

Modified points system: [30-25-21-18-15-12-10-8-6-5][3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1]


Events are hosted beginning on Mondays for a total of 10 days rally time; to give everyone an opportunity to finish these long events with a maximum of 12 stages; after that we have a one-day-break and then start the next event directly

Service stops may be spaced out to create strategy; Mediums and hard tires will be used in these events, so plan accordingly!

Location List and Schedule

  • Argentina (08.07. – 17.07.)
  • Sweden (19.07. – 28.07.)
  • Poland (30.07. – 08.08.)
  • New Zealand (10.08. – 19.08.)
  • Germany (21.08. – 30.08.)
  • USA (01.09. – 10.09.)
  • Australia (12.09. – 21.09.)
  • Wales (23.09. – 02.10.)

Championship Rules

Weather will be based on the previous stages in the event – if it was raining during SS1, don’t expect a dry SS2 at night. We want you to experience the progression of the weekend just like in real life!

Use the same car throughout the championship – choose wisely! Changing your car is allowed once and should be communicated via the discord channel so that the admins are aware

Let’s Rally and have some fun!