Champion Motorsports offers two new Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship Series! Now we have a 4WD Championship and an FWD Championship!

Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship Series


Champion Motorsports hosts two exciting Rally Championships for DiRT Rally 2.0 from May 2020 to September 2020. We have a 4WD Championship featuring the R5 class and an RWD Championship featuring the H3 class.

Joining us is easy! Simply make an application within Dirt Rally 2.0 Clubs at the following links after joining our Discord Server, visiting the “Dirt Rally 2.0 – Sign Up” channel to sign-up.

Get involved in our discussions, the latest Championship information and results, once you’re in the server!


Events are hosted beginning on Mondays for a total of 14 days rally time; to allow everyone to finish these long events with a maximum of 12 stages; after that, we start the next event directly.

Location List and Schedule 4WD championship

Location List and Schedule RWD championship

Points Structure

Drivers score points for the championship within every event, according to the following table:

Place Points
1st 20
2nd 17
3rd 15
4th 13
5th 12
6th 11
7th 10
8th 9
9th 8
10th 7
11th 6
12th 5
13th 4
14th 3
15th 2
16th 1

Championship Rules

  • We have a progressive rally weekend design; times of day and weather make sense.
  • These are long endurance events; no more easy service stops every 2 stages so tire choice matters.
  • Use the same car throughout the championship – choose wisely!
  • Changing your car is allowed once and should be communicated via the Discord channel so that the admins are aware.