CMS NARS Indy 100

The next Summer Special Event is a qualifying competition culminating in a 100-minute race at the Indianapolis Speedway.

2020 CMS NARS Indy 100


We will use the 2019 IndyCars mod provided by Apex.


We will use the Studio 397 Indianapolis 2013 track and the Oval layout (NOT the Brickyard layout). You must own the track to connect to the server.

Qualifying Schedule

Open server (no password) running the track until Tuesday, June 9th at 11 PM EDT. Then the server will close and be configured for the event. The track will reopen for practice Wednesday AM.

Event Schedule

The qualifying server is available now!

June 11th:
7:00 PM Eastern – Server Reboot / Practice
8:45 PM Eastern – Pre-Race Announcements / Warm-up
9:00 PM Eastern – Feature race 100 minutes


  • We will use the latest retail build of rFactor 2.
  • The damage setting is 100%.
  • Crash Recovery is off. That means your car can fly off the track and land upside down. Drive carefully!
  • Driving View is open.
  • 1x fuel on all cars.
  • 1x tires on all cars.
  • No time compression multiplier.
  • The track start time is 11:30 AM.
  • The server is set for drivers to rejoin with new cars and setup. Don’t give up if you crash. Go get another car and rejoin!
  • Once again there will be Group A and Group B competition. Group A uses no driving aids except clutch. Group B drivers can use traction control, anti-lock brakes, auto-shifting, and stability control in any setting they want.
  • There is no pre-registration for the competition. Just show up, drive, and have fun!

Qualifying Competition

Cars will be gridded based on their results in the qualifying competition. If a driver did not compete in the qualifying competition, they are still welcome to start the race but they will be gridded behind those who set a time in the hotlap competition.

Starting Procedure

  • We will begin with a standing start.
  • SLOWLY roll off the grid when green and get into starting formation.
  • We will use 3 cars abreast in each row just as the real race uses.
  • The pole-sitter should maintain a speed of 80 mph and start to speed up coming out of the 4th corner.
  • Do not warm your tires or brakes. If you do, you’ll get a drive-through penalty.
  • Maintain the 3 cars per row formation until you reach the starting line next time around, your race has started.
  • Do not advance your position until you cross the starting line. If you do, you’ll get a drive-through penalty.
  • Be careful not to touch another car by drifting into their lane! Don’t be a Kevin Cogan.

Yellow Flags

At the time of this event, the Factor 2 oval track racing plugin for Indycars is broken. Additionally, if Full rules settings are used, drivers will do 2-3 yellow flag laps each incident. To avoid that, we will use black only settings for the race and race control will call the yellow flags.

  • If there is an accident on the track, race control will call “yellow flag, yellow flag”.
  • When a driver hears that start to reduce your speed but be aware of cars around you! Don’t slam on the brakes!
  • If you inadvertently pass someone, give them the position back.
  • The race leader should slow down to speed limiter speed.
  • All drivers should close-up on the leader in single-file.
  • Everyone should maintain the order they are in.
  • For the restart, race control will call “green next time around, green next time around”.
  • Once a driver passes the starting line on the restart, their race is on again.
  • As with the start, do not jump the restart. If you do, you will get a drive-through penalty.

Pit Stops

Drivers can make a pit stop any time they want during the race.

A & B Group Settings

To attempt to minimize frustration among the greatest number of drivers – and candidly sustain as much interest and participation as possible in the series – we are going to allow driving aids for those that choose to use them. Each driver should decide what they want to use, or not use. There are two unique settings for each Group.

  • Group A drivers cannot use any driving aids except auto clutch.
  • Group B drivers can use traction control, anti-lock brakes, auto-shifting, and stability control on any setting.

Because rFactor2 cannot separate which cars are which class, drivers will need to set their car settings allowable to their group. Results are checked post-race at as to what driving aids were used.

LiveRacers Timing & Scoring

LiveRacers will be used to record the qualifying times and the race.

Race Communications

1) We will use the CMS Discord voice channel for race communications.

2) CMS Discord is available here.

3) Comms is required but only to monitor race control during the event. You do not need a microphone if you do not want to speak.

4) If you have a microphone, please set it to “push to talk”. If that just doesn’t work for you, PLEASE set the voice-activated audio level up considerably so your coughing, wheezing or sim controls grinding isn’t “shared” with everyone else. Don’t be “that guy”.

5) A request to drivers to please be brief in your communication on Discord.

6) One sentence then quiet is requested. Abusive and/or profane in-game chat, Discord, or forum post language or deliberate crash into competitor’s car may lead to that driver receiving probation, suspension, or ban from the league.

7) Comms is required. Should a driver join the event server without being in the Discord channel, they will be sent 3 text prompts in rFactor 2 text chat to join the CMS Discord server. After the 3rd prompt, they will be removed from the race server by race control until they rejoin with Discord active and monitoring the race channel.

Custom Skins

There are a lot of realistic skins available in the mod but, custom skin uploading is welcome and encouraged, but please log onto the server a couple of days before the race so your file will get uploaded properly. If everyone waits until race day, it may clog the server and necessitate that we disable custom skin uploading.

CMS General Competition Rules

Penalties can be applied one of 3 ways in the race:

1) rFactor 2 system delegated penalties. All must be served and are not controlled by the live admins. Most times, admins don’t even know rFactor2 AI has dispensed a penalty!

2) A post-race IRR submitted by the driver for review using the General Competition Rules.

3) Race Control assigned penalty for infractions stated on this page.

CMS Gentlemen’s Rules

Drivers are requested to consider the following if involved in an accident…

1) Should you turn-around or damage another driver by your error, consider pulling off track in a safe location and waiting for the other driver to proceed in the race.

2) Should you crash-out another driver by your error, consider retiring yourself from the race out of respect for the competitor whose race you ended.

Additional Drivers Notes

1) Don’t Press ESC! If you do, your race is over and there is no way for race admins to get you back into the race.

2) Un DQ is available on the server. If a driver gets a DQ. DO NOT TOUCH ANY KEYS ESPECIALLY THE ESC KEY! An admin will see you are DQ’ed and will UNDQ you as soon as possible.

3) Errant penalties will be cleared. Advise race control over Discord with this communication: (driver name) (clear penalty)

4) Open setups, but we encourage everyone to share!

5) Fuel mileage will vary considerably depending how you drive, how much you draft, and how your car is setup. Typically, expect a pit stop ~ 30 laps.

6) It is strongly advised drivers reboot their computer just before joining the server on race day.

7) Don’t use a WiFi connection. Only Ethernet cable connections are permitted for NARS racing events.

The server name is “CMS NARS Indy 100”.
The server race password on June 11th is “turnleft” without the quotes.