Champion Motorsports Friday Night iRacing Truck Series (Season 2)

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series pictured above


Hello everyone, we are extremely excited to announce that the Trucks will be back for season 2 on Friday Nights, again using the popular and fun iRacing NASCAR Trucks!  We were very happy with how the first season went overall and therefore plan to keep the fun going.  All CMS members (everyone in good standing on the CMS discord) has the ability to join in on this fun series on Friday Nights.  Full Details are available Here for the Series:
Note, even if you raced in Season 1 please sign up again for season 2 below so we can keep track of entries.

Sign up Sheet

All drivers, please sign up! The button to the left will take you to a short form to complete.

Series Details and Enhancements for Season 2

  • Friday Night CMS NASCAR Truck Series using Simulator
  • Races will be on selected Friday nights from late Late October through February with a Mid Season Holiday Break
  • Races will be hosted on
  • Drivers must be registered on the CMS discord to participate
  • Drivers must be approved in the following iRacing League to participate
  • Open Setups will be allowed
  • The Following Trucks will be allowed
    • Chevrolet Silverado (newest model)
    • Ford F150 (newest model)
    • Toyota Tundra (newest model)
  • Realistic Weather will be used and Date/time will be published in advance of each event
  • Races will be approximately 1 hour in length, set by laps
  • Custom liveries will be allowed, nothing dumb or inappropriate please
  • Caution flags will be enabled
  • NEW: The lucky dog rule will  be allowed and enabled for season 2
  • Waive arounds to the end of the longest line for lapped cars will be enabled
  • All teams will be given 1 fast repair per race
  • Drivers will receive a maximum of 3 sets of tires per race
  • NEW: Green White Checkered Rules will be in affect for season 2
  • Drivers will receive a penalty in game Drive thru and/or stop and go after 10 incidents accumulated
  • All skill levels are welcome
  • Championship points will be kept on the iRacing League Portal
  • The best 9 results with 3 drops will be used to calculate the Championship Standings
  • A Special mention and tracking will be published for drivers 50+ in addition to the overall championship points
  • A Trophy and T-Shirt will be awarded to the Champion at the end of the season (overall champion only)
  • All CMS general competition rules and IRR process will be used
  • All iRacing Sporting Code is in affect for the series
  • The #1 rule when in doubt is don’t be an asshole — we all want to have fun!  

Additional Enhancements for Season 2

  • We will have a special recognized “Dirty Award” for the Drivers finishing highest in regular and 50+ at Knoxville
  • We will have a special recognized “Road Warrior Award” for the Drivers finishing highest in regular and 50+ at the 2 Road Course Events
  • We are hopeful to bring back broadcasting for the series with an optional, yet encouraged member donation to help us fund the cost

Event Schedule

  • Part A
    Train at Talladega Superspeedway (Oct 27) (200 miles)
    Motoring at the Milwaukee Mile (Nov 3) (125 laps)
    IRP here we come(Nov 10) (150 miles)
    CMS at Charlotte Part 1 (Nov 17) (200 miles)
    CMS at Charlotte Part 2 The Sequel (Roval) (Dec 1) (5o laps)
    Doing it at Darlington (Dec 8) (150 miles)
  • Part B
    CMS invades Circuit of Americas (COTA) (Jan 5) (35 laps)
    Roll the Dice at Las Vegas (Jan 12) (175 miles)
    Lets get “Dirty” at Knoxville (Jan 19) (100 laps Feature) (Tournament Style Heat Races  beforehand)
    Round and Round we go at Iowa (Jan 26) (200 laps)
    Put it on at Phoenix (Feb 2) (125 Miles)
    Crown those Champions at California Fontana (Feb 9) (200 Miles)

Race Night Time Schedule

  • Practice Starts 12 am GMT (7pm USA CST)
  • Qualifying Starts 2:20 am GMT (9:20 USA CST)
  • Race Starts 2:30 am GMT (9:30 CST)
Additional details will be shared via race briefings for each event in advance

Additional Truck Series Rules to Amend CMS General Competition Rules

Pitting IN

• Most Tracks allow Pit Off Turn 4 – Some tracks use access road this will be clarified at drivers meeting
• Pit Lane – Mandatory Always to Stay to the Right except when passing
• Entering your pit box – Blend in no more than 2-3 stalls before your box

Pitting OUT

• Always Enter Track – Middle of Backstretch At Every Track and stay low going into Turn 3
• Never Enter Track In Turn 2
• Right of Way – Cars on track have the right of way, stay low until you reach race speed


• Laying Back Will Not Be Tolerated
• Close The Gap – Until you Don’t see the logo on the bumper on the car in front of you
• Maintain a Steady Pace Speed
• No Changing lanes before start/finish line
• Always Start In 2nd Gear
• GO ON GREEN – No rolling into the throttle when pace car goes in (Wait for the green lights)


• LIFT OFF THE THROTTLE as soon as it comes out — do not try to improve your position
• Damaged Car – Can’t catch car ahead PULL OVER & REQUEST A TOW

Lapped Traffic

Use your Relative Screen F3 always
• Do Not Make It Difficult for lead lap cars to pass!
• Always Give Fast Line to leaders (stay high or low depending on track, not in the middle)
• Just Breathe the Throttle – Allow the passing car an easier time to complete the pass
• Always race drivers the way you want to be raced
• Lapped cars are entitled to race each other for position but please work with leaders to facilitate passing