CMS Historics will host fun events this summer on Assetto Corsa revisiting historical content that deserves a spin and brings a smile. Join us on Sunday nights at 9 pm Eastern US time for one-hour races at 3 classic tracks.

Series Information

  • If you haven’t already, please join the Champion Motorsports Discord Server.
  • Car set will change each race and will be announced two weeks in advance.
  • See our #league-info channel on Discord for the latest information.
  • Qualifying sessions are 15 minutes long beginning at 8:45 pm eastern US time on the night of each race.
  • Races begin immediately following qualifying and a 2-minute delay.
  • Pit stops are mandatory, you must stop for at least 1 liter of fuel (tire changes are optional).
  • Server connection info, as well as download links for the mod and add-on tracks, are available in our #league-info channel on Discord 
  • No registration needed, open to all CMS members.

Series Schedule

All our races run on the popular sim racing title, Assetto Corsa. Races always start at 9:00 PM Eastern and complete at 10:00 PM Eastern.

Race 1: Thomson Road

  • Assetto Corsa, 1923 Grand Prix Cars – Sunbeam, Fiat and Delage
  • June 27
  • Start: 9:00 PM Eastern
  • Finish: 10:00 PM Eastern

Race 2: To be announced

  • Assetto Corsa
  • July 11
  • Start: 9:00 PM Eastern
  • Finish: 10:00 PM Eastern

Race 3: To be announced

  • Assetto Corsa
  • August 22
  • Start: 9:00 PM Eastern
  • Finish: 10:00 PM Eastern

Championship Points

No championship points awarded during summer, the regular season will resume in September.

See you on the track!