CMS GT Rivals Drivers – Round 5

Round 5 at Suzuka

On Sunday, May 10th, at 3 PM EDT the 5th Round of the GT Rivals Series e-sports competition, will be presented by SRO America, Champion Motorsports, and others.  The fifth round in this 6-week series will see 30+ of the best Sportscar GT racers in the USA and worldwide on the track.

Broadcast Live

The Race will be simulcast broadcast live and can be viewed on the following social platforms:

CMS Drivers in Round 5

But who will these other five racers be that they will be up against? Those will be members of the Champion Motorsports racing community. All established sim racers with various backgrounds.

Tomas Lastre

Dirk Groeneveld

Age: 36
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Quick Fact: Moved from Germany in 2002
Occupation: Software Engineering
Hobbies: Software Development for car racing
Real Life Car: 2005 Lotus Elise, BMW E30 DTM-lookalike with orange Jägermeister livery
Sim Racing Car: BMW M6 GT3

Don Bélanger

Ernest Dela Cruz

Ernest Dela Cruz
Age: 23
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Quick Fact: Lactose Intolerant and cannot swim
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Tennis, Napping
Real Life Car: Kia Soul
Sim Racing Car: 2019 Porsche GT3.2 R

Drake Burgoon

Dave Hassar

Age: 28
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Quick Fact: My racing shoes are fluffy yellow crocs
Occupation: Product Photographer
Hobbies: Simracing, Tennis, Golf, Hockey
Real Life Car: 2019 Toyota Corolla
Simracing Car: 2019 Porsche 991.2 GT3 R

Keith Briscoe

Andrew Worden (A.J.)

Social Profile: Bubba Jones
Age: 35
Location: Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
Quick Fact: Served 6 years in the Canadian Army
Occupation: IT Support for the Department of National Defense
Hobbies: Sim Racing, Cycling, Cars, Motorcycles, Golf
Real Life Car: 2020 Subaru WRX
Real Life Bike: 2013 Suzuki GSX-R 1000
Sim Racing Car: Any but chose Mercedes AMG for GT Rivals Series

JT Tami

Branden Oullet

Age: 29
Location: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Quick Fact: Enjoys camping, kayaking, and hiking