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Thread: Rallye 24 Dordogne Perigord

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    Default Rallye 24 Dordogne Perigord

    My stable in class VHC3 this week.

    A steady run with a single CFH in SS2, no collision, just slid off the road and the tarmac tyres were not going to let me back on through the grass.

    Only 3 other drivers in my class, so coming third is the same as last, but there will be points!

    Times and provisional standings in the box.

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    Question withdrawn. I just read the other thread and can see you DO have a discord channel after all.

    But I'll say it again: RBR is the toughest sim I ever drove.
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    My stable, in a Citroen C3 R5 as usual.

    I did no mistakes in this short rally, just safe and steady driving so it should be some Points again this week.

    Times and standings in the Box

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    My stable with Fiesta R2T

    I pushed alot after i lost 7 seconds to fastest class time on ss1, but had to settle for 2nd in R2 class.

    Few big moments, but after all 24rd overall should be good points!

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    4th in Group, 2nd in Class, just missed it by 0.44 Seconds.

    But quite alright since i absolutely hate those two stages :>

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