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Thread: I'm now a member of the Half Million Mile Club!

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    Default I'm now a member of the Half Million Mile Club!

    As a truck driver in American Truck Simulator, I just reached 500,000 miles.

    I have enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of ATS since I can drink my coffee, listen to my favorite music and just drive and paint my trucks and trailers while I build my entourage of garages and drivers w/o stress. As a disabled retiree, ATS has been a super way to pass some time.

    My only complaints are SCS's frequent updates have cost me many profiles and caused many resets. But with all the work they do for the truck sim, ATS is now looking very good. Utah, my home state, is coming online soon and I'll be taking a break until then.

    My other complaint is the VTM website is in serious need of some updates. I contacted them numerous times and got no response.

    So as a former school teacher, I give the whole ATS/ETS experience a B+ lol.

    Thanks to David and all the other truckers who helped get this venue going!


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    Congrats Val!!
    Been wondering how you've been doing, actually thought you might be a full million miles by now
    I run the truck now and then for relaxation, just made it to 100,000 miles myself..................

    Never let up for a second....or that may be where you finish!

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    Howdy Don!

    Sorry I haven't been that sociable. My struggles with my meds get my days flipped frequently and as a consequence, my general productivity level ends up at the bottom of the of the privy!!

    I still try to communicate with Bailey and her husband Tim. They are great people too. (Her birthday is August 15th...) lol! That little quip will get her after me for sure!

    Don, you take care and I hope you get many more years of enjoyment out of our online racing and trucking venues!!

    Good numbers to you!

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    Nice Val

    I haven't jumped back in lately but I keep eyeing that Oregon DLC!

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    Good to hear from you Val! As late as yesterday I was wondering how you are!

    I enjoy the trucking: Relaxing and challenging at the same time. I run both ETS2 and ATS, but with lots of mods and all the SCS maps for both games - and that might give you a challenge when main updates comes out... Normally I'll run one game for a month or so, and the switch to the other. Only publication of new maps, in game challenges etc. makes me change my frequence.

    Concerning VTM, I have simply stopped using it. I register my activities in an Excel sheet.

    So far, I have done 97509 miles in ATS (273 deliveries) and 235179 km in ETS2 (400 deliveries).
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