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Thread: A Protocol for VRS Series Quals and Starts

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    Default A Protocol for VRS Series Quals and Starts

    After the unfortunate incident yesterday when the Alpha car was down by almost 20 laps before we could even get started, I wanted to have a discussion about how we should handle these races to give ourselves the best possible chance for good results.

    Right now, we generally have drivers with lower iRating register and qualify the car. There is some advantage in running a lower split, but that also throws the car back into the jaws of catastrophe at the start with incopetent or over-ambitious drivers causing wrecks on lap one more often than not. So how should we proceed in the future?

    I see three options - continue with what we are doing now. register to make a lower split but start from the pits to avoid first-lap chaos, or have drivers with higher iRating qualify and start the race. There are pros and cons for each option.

    I would say that more often than not, using our current system, there has been a major crash on lap one. Sometimes that actually works to our advantage as it's possible to gain a dozen places or so if you can just avoid being involved in a crash. But then there is a situation like yesterday where things are just destroyed before they even begin.

    Starting from the pits puts a car down 30 or more seconds I have been in a car which tried that and, of course, it turned out there was no accident at the start and we last place right from the start. But there's a difference between being down 30 seconds and being down 30 minutes. On the whole, is a more conservative strategy worth a guaranteed loss of some time?

    Or we could make sure that each car had a very talented driver who could qualify and get the car off to a good start. And higher splits equal more points just so long as drivers like me don't drag the car too far down in the standings.

    I don't have an answer to any of this, but I wanted to put it out there for everyone so that we all can have an idea of what would be best. Obviously if the car is qualified near the top of the grid, go for it! Ditto from the back of the grid if you can see pandemonium ahead in time to avoid it. But yesterday I was right in the middle, so when I slowed to avoid the spin in front of me, I was smashed from behind. Should a mid-field grid spot in a lower split default to a start from the pits?

    Everyone please discuss and let's come up with a plan going forward. I know that nobody wants to miss the start, but you have to weigh the dangers against the benefits.

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    Paul- very much appreciate the thoughts.

    I think it is track specific. This track was the worst yet. But, I agree with from pits if not in top quarter of field, and maybe we register with a higher rated driver as we can. That combo could be great. Even at Sebring where T1 has like 5000 million lines, the start can be a total cluster.

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