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Thread: ACC doesn't see Fanatec wheel or pedals

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    Default ACC doesn't see Fanatec wheel or pedals

    Title is the situation. I opened Steam and ACC for the first time in several months tonight - sort of bored with iRacing - and the game is not seeing my controllers at all. Just a hollow dot or three dots in the selection panel. Rebooted, deleted the controls.json file, made sure I wasn't in Steam beta, opened and closed the game several times. Google isn't any help.


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    USB issues?

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    Works fine in iRacing.

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    can you share a screenshot of what your control settings menu looks like?

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    I had the same issue when I began using Steam (ACC)... I uninstalled the Fanatec drivers and reinstalled the drivers from the official website... I also turn on my wheel prior to launching Steam, this is a procedure that I always do. Once in the game
    you can save a wheel profile that you can load on the fly...

    After re-installing the drivers iRacing was unaffected. Hope this helps...

    BTW, you will really enjoy ACC!!!

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    I havent had any issues with my Fanatec DD1 and Clubsport V3 Pedals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidan View Post
    I havent had any issues with my Fanatec DD1 and Clubsport V3 Pedals.

    I also have the club sport wheel and pedals... I only had an issue with the initial beta release. No problems at all with the official release...


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    Finally got it resolved last night - what I needed to do was go to the Steam options, open controls and uncheck everything. Then close everything down, re-open, restart the game and the options were finally available. Took a lot of tinkering - ACC is nothing like iR - but came up with some workable settings for controls, graphics and sound. I might stick my nose in on a race and see how it goes.

    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Problems like this are a real mystery.

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