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Thread: Classification Races #2 / Before We Start The Season

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    Default Classification Races #2 / Before We Start The Season

    As we all are, we have been patiently waiting for the start of the season in CMS in ACC.
    The issues still lye and david is not ready to start the season just yet
    he has approved me to handle scheduling fun races until then!
    So these races will be primarily for classification and of course to have fun but be serious at the same time

    There will be a total of 3 classings and i will decide where everyone will be depending on how you do in qualifying and races
    The classes are Pro (being the fastest), Pro-Am (the fast-ish slow-ish drivers), and Am (the slowest drivers)
    The reason we are doing 3 instead of 2 classes is because we have 30 plus drivers signed up, i will adjust classing if a lot of people DONT show for these races before the season down to 2 classes
    These are not mandatory races BUT i would like to see the majority of you all JOINING so when race 1 starts we can have the liveries setup for everyone, the classes setup, and people ready to choose their own car
    These classification races we will NOT FORCE you to be stuck in a specific car like the season will but be SURE to pick one that you can drive your fastest in and be competitive in

    If you decide on a car and want a custom livery please get in contact with baakstaff in the discord so you can have it for the official season


    August 5th, 2019 Race #3
    Track: Nurburgring (Night Race)
    Time: Practice Start 7:00PM, Qualifying #1 7:30PM, Qualifying #2 7:45PM, Race #1 8:00PM, Race #2 8:30PM
    Format: P1, Q1, Q2, R1, R2
    Practice Type: 1x30 Minutes
    Qualifying 1 Type: 1x15 Minutes (Placement For Race 1)
    Qualifying 2 Type: 1x15 Minutes (Placement For Race 2)
    Race 1 Type: 1x30 Minutes,
    Race 2 Type: 1x30 Minutes,
    Manditory Pitstop: No Pitstops

    August 12, 2019 Race #4
    Track: Hungaroring (Wet Race)
    Time: Practice Start 8:15PM, Qualifying 8:45PM, Race 9:00PM
    Format: P1, Q1, R1
    Practice Type: 1x30 Minutes
    Qualifying Type: 1x15 Minutes
    Race Type: 1x60 Minutes
    Maditory Pitstop: Yes 10 Minute Pit Window, 35 to 25 Mins Remaining

    These notes are to help you better understand why we are doing this! This is in great preparation for our season start! and it will benefit yall for waiting so long to actually have some real fun!
    1: Make sure to find a car that you are comfortable with and are able to go at your best pace with, these races will be for classification so we want you to try your best at qualifying lap times, and have your best race pace
    2: Make sure when you find a car suitable to make a good setup to where you are able to go even FASTER! good setups help save 2-3 seconds off of a lap
    3: Make sure to follow ALL rules listed
    4: DISCORD IS REQUIRED, if you are NOT already in the discord join
    5: Make sure to listen to the race steward, this is also why we REQUIRE discord
    6: Races are NOT mandatory BUT WE WANT the majority of you there so we can test, class, and get everything for the official season ready
    7: We are accepting CUSTOM liveries to be put in place for the car that you choose! Please speak with Baakstaff in the discord to set yours up
    8: These races can stop at any time to start the official season, so make sure you are finding your cars and setups
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    Updated time, 4th classification race starts at 8:15 CST PM to help those on the PST Time zones

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