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Thread: Race Recap - GT3 Series at Jose Carlos Pace

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simracinglawyer View Post
    The lulz started early this time with my registration of the Merc instead of the Ferrari. Not sure how I managed that. So, realizing I had that problem, i used some VRS sets which weren't bad. The problem was the race setup did not allow me to run more than 19 gallons of fuel without failing, and I know nothing about setups to properly fix that. Fine, 19 gallons, all good. Moving on.
    For future reference, you just need to make a ride height adjustment using the spring perch offset. Next time if you need help getting full fuel feel free to ask!
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    Quote Originally Posted by arandomnoob View Post
    Sorry to Miguel for getting into you. Three into one clearly didnít work as usual. Humberto timed the start very well, and was able to pull alongside going into T2. From the drivers seat, my view was Humberto came up very slightly in the braking zone so I mirrored him exactly, right as I think Miguel was starting his turn down. The internet made the hit a lot worse than it shouldíve been. Very disappointing to see you retire from the incident.

    I ended up stupidly spinning off the T1 kerb in the chaos and hit the wall, falling all the way to last before T2. Spent the rest of the race working my way back through the field. I had contact with one car turning down that netted me even worse aero damage, but was able to salvage a podium. Still a bummer since I think I may have actually had something for Humberto for once.
    What a great race could have been, I had a good start and saw the opportunity to slip right between you and the wall and I notice I passed you before the T1 so my braking was as hard as I could to try to hug the inside and not push you and I managed that but then I saw my mirror and was worried I had been the cause of it, still I think this is one of those races that it could have been an intense one! But I guess we will have another chance with the next one.

    Congrats to all drivers and also I want to apologize to Tammy, i thought you were leaving room for me to pass but clearly there wasnt.

    See you all on the next one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimCollier View Post
    Beautiful screenshots!!

    Oh, and Humberto is Pro, Miguel is AM!
    Sorry, made a couple mistakes uploading and labeling the screenshots.. here are the edited versions:

    PRO Humberto Roca

    AM Miguel Antonio Alcrudo

    SILVER Christopher Rines

    As far as my own race experience...

    Well i got "demoted" to silver class for this race (need to improve my pace a lot, but having lots of fun)...

    Qualified almost last (30/35) but managed to avoid a couple incidents in front of me at the very start.. got by without a single scratch and found myself around p18.

    For the first 30 min i was following closely John Prince until he had to make an avoiding manouver for a spin in front of us so i managed to get by and keep on focusing on my own race... I was happy with my (slow) pace and an improvement from 30 to 18 was not a bad result. After the halfway point it was time to pit.

    I made a huge mistake... I forgot that my pit spot was at the very back of pit lane, by the entrance (during practice i was pitting at the front of pit lane) so I blew by my pit spot... do'h!!!... Had to do a self inflicted drive-through and come in back again to re-fuel..

    My second mystake was forgetting that after driving through pits the "tire change check boxes" were marked so when i came back to pit I had an extra long stop to change all four... do'h!!

    Anyway i went back out p23 and managed to recover a couple spots. In the very last lap under white flag I caught up to Raymond but didnt manage to pass so ended up in p21..

    The starting and finishing positions are definitely not the best, but the amount of FUN i had last night was off the charts!

    See you guys at Barber!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arandomnoob View Post
    For future reference, you just need to make a ride height adjustment using the spring perch offset. Next time if you need help getting full fuel feel free to ask!
    Thanks Paul! I started futzing with that and got up to like 5 clicks and it still wasn't passing. So, I figured that would dramatically change the set, so I went with the 19 gallons. The Mercedes was actually not as hard to drive as I thought it would be. I'll keep focusing on the Ferrari for now since Miguel is like some sort of King Midas of 488 setups.

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    I had fun racing Paul and .... well everyone. No problem with the last lap contact, I was just as at fault, I didn't see you!

    When frustrated or angry, remember it's pixel Racing. No one tore up a $250,000 Ferrari.

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    I was finally having a good race until the first part of lap 27. After some laps of not forcing the issue and letting the race develop I had a good run on Hebron and went for the inside line on pit exit straight, suddenly my car went right which caught me by surprise but immediately realized we had contact which was really unfortunate. I saved a replay and shared with the guys and asked for an objective opinion of what happened, it seems that even when my steering wheel was always straight my car was moving at an angle to the track center line which got me progressively closer to his Audi, after the mess we had two mangled cars but he got the worst of if, I was able to continue.

    My apologies for the incident as it was not at all intentional, I should have left more space,

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    At the next GT3 race on August 6th, we will start the pre-race driver's briefing a few minute early and demand that everyone exit the track and have their attention focused on the admins during the briefing.

    I will be repeating this the week of the race, and on race night, this is just an advance notification to everyone of that evening's schedule change.
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    Good call Tim, that will be great. I like the idea of the track being cold during drivers meetings anyways, as a regular so that we have everyone's attention in the drivers meeting.
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    I agree with David and Tim. Yes we can listen and drive, but we donít hear everything, just ask our significant others lol. Honestly, I would prefer to just focus on the meeting instead of driving and trying to hear.

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    Now for a purely selfish request, was there a highlight reel made? I really enjoy seeing myself lol.

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