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    Some of you will remember from last weeks race that I got DQ'ed after finishing P3. That was because I could not get new set of tires during my stop. This weekend I did try to find the problem and seems like I was fighting against few shortcomings of this very promising sim.

    It turned out I had all the settings right but I was not stopping squarely in pit box !. Thanks to Josh for helping yesterday and questioning how I was stopping, apparently this was brought up at ACC forums.

    When I pull in the pits and position the nose of the car perfectly in front of the lollipop I get the usual msg "Stop the engine ". But right after turning the eng off it was restarting ! Then I set it to manual eng start, and with that I was just sitting in pit box still no tire change. So it is acting like you are stopping properly, asks you to stop the engine but in fact it also thinks you are too far ahead and does not service the car. It also (in my case) does not warn you that you are not in the box.

    So the location of the lollipop is misleading. Best thing to do atm is switching the view to 3rd person (behind the car view) as soon as you enter the pits. This way you can ignore the lollipop and position the car in the red box watching from high above.

    These are the things I think Kunos needs to fix:
    - Position of the lollipop is wrong
    - The color of pit box is not high enough once you are on it, so you do rely on lollipop. If it is higher it will be easier to see the edges.
    - "Turn eng off" command is wrong if you are not in box.
    - There is no warning of "You are not in pit box". So you do think you are ok while you are not.

    Seems like not everyone have these problems which is more concerning.
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