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@ Don - Am I the Porky from Race 1 that hit you? I didn't think we touched, and since I was mostly 4 wheels in the grass I backed out before the initial turns. Sorry, if that was the case. It was either go to grass, hit you in the rear and push you on up the track, or risk getting collected from the rear if/when I backed out (which I've been burned on before and don't intend to do ever again)
Could have been another Porsche though, I have no clue who/what cars were in the general vicinity at the time.
No Jason you didn't hit that I know of..........it was other fast starting Porkys trying to get around a bogged down Vette, not complaining just amazed how fast they are getting off the line and weaving around those of us that are bogged down.
And thanks for the tip to turn off TC, will have to give it a try and make sure I remember to turn it back on before the 1st corner