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    Hi! My stable rally of this week started not good. In the middle of the first stage I got to the deep ditch
    by the right real wheel, rolled over and hit to the tree. Suspension and brakes were damaged and
    rest of the stage I drove at 60 kph on a wagging car with no brakes. About 2 minutes was lost.
    Car repair before next stage added 3 minutes more. Remaining stages were without serious mistakes
    and I was able to return a few positions. Rally finished but a lot of time lost .
    Good luck guys!
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    Also my stable rally, in my usual Citroen C3 R5. I just love that car, it is made for me i'll think

    I had a spin on SS 2 and lost 10 sec but no damage so it is ok.
    The rest of he stages was good, I think i did my best time ever on the Greenhill stage.

    Times and standings after leg one in the Box.

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    I have not driven for a while now because I moved house , now were settled ill be back on it , lets see how this rally goes

    ss1- lost some time off start line as my brake was stuck on
    ss2- was fastest until i span on the last couple corners
    ss3- all good
    ss4- fastest so far
    ss5- crashed in the same place , lost 10s and my lead
    ss6- fastest by 3s so now im .25s off the lead

    happy with how that went , I wasnt expecting much , will do day 2 tomorrow

    Magnar leading the r5 class

    results uploaded

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    Second day done, and a spin today also in the first stage but no damage, just lost 10 sec again.

    The rest of the stages was good, so i'm happy and it should be some Points to the team.

    Ps Arwyn…..Patou retierd on the last stage in this rally so dont worry about him..

    Times and standings in the Box.

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    ok so here goes day 2 , thanks for the tip about patou, ill just try keep it on the road

    ss7- i absolutely hate this stage , vr is so stuttery and i feel sick by the end , i retired 0.8km from the finish , sorry guys

    i try to pick my stable rally without vieux moulin but i didnt check this time

    very good result Magnar , hope you get the win

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    Day 1 was good, comfortably leading my class.

    Day 2 sucked, retired on Vieux Moulin, it was almost unplayable in VR, very studdery as Azz mentioned before :/

    Will try to do better next week !

    Awesome times from Azz and Magnar again !

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