HAHA Derek, love the video and the commentary!

i had an impromptu change of plans early on and i think you figured it out when you stayed behind Brian and myself for a while. I was going to go a hair harder than that but i got in a decent rythmm behind Brian and decided to just sit on his bumper once i was pretty sure of his strategy. It was working for me, and you see where Brian finished in class... but then for some reason, most likely checking my fuel and tire data and working out what the continuing plan was going to be, i came unglued from the ten minute left mark almost to the five minutes to go mark. All the mistakes i didnt make throughout the race all happened in that brief period. lost two or three places and with it a possible shot at giving Brian a run for second. i dont know how much faster he was able to go than his race pace was so who knows. Any way was a fun race and again love the video, that should be a regular feature of the post race thread!

I started the week hating the track and by the end of the race i was loving it, and these cars.

GT3's here, now that is going to be interesting...