Champion Motorsports Rally Championship

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Drivers score points for the championship with every race
Modified points system of : [30-25-21-18-15-12-10-8-6-5][3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1]; we hopefully create competition across the entire club with this scoring system.

Events are hosted Monday for a total of 10 days race time; to give everyone a chance to finish these events with a maximum of 12 stages; after that we have a one-day-break to start the next event directly
Service stops may be spaced out to create strategy; Mediums and hard tyres will be used in these events!

The Location List:
Argentina (08.07. 17.07.)
Sweden (19.07. 28.07.)
Poland (30.07. 08.08.)
New Zealand (10.08. 19.08.)
Germany (21.08. 30.08.)
USA (01.09. 10.09.)
Australia (12.09. 21.09.)
Wales (23.09. 02.10.)

Championship Rules:
Weather will be based on the previous stages in the event - if it was raining during SS1, don't expect a dry SS2 at night. We want you to experience the progression of the weekend just like in real life!
Use the same car throughout the championship choose wisely! Changing the car is allowed once and should be communicated via the forum or discord channel (see links above)