Guys I am posting this in the main forums to bring awareness. Two things.

1. Our Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship hosted by CMS starts tomorrow! These are incredibly fun. You get a lot of time, ~10 days to complete each rally. All the details will be shared in this forum area.

2. The game is absolutely a sim, has received quite a few patches since release (not out of the norm these days), which have improved wheel dynamics and many other things. It is also on sale right now for really cheap for another day or two on the Steam Summer Sale ... it is literally 50% off right now. Here is a link. ...

pick up the game and come join us!

also all you have to do to start racing is join our CLUB at ... it's that simple! Join and rally tomorrow when the event opens and we will take care of the rest! Enjoy and let's do this!