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Thread: Welcome to the Twenty Thousand Mile Trophy here at CMS! Information and Registration.

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    Post Welcome to the Twenty Thousand Mile Trophy here at CMS! Information and Registration.

    It is my absolute pleasure to announce that CMS will, once again, open its doors to international racing. This time using the Raceroom Racing Experience simulator as the platform for 10 rounds of action.

    Series Background
    The TTMT series is based on the real life British GT series of which runs both GT3 and GT4 class cars on the same circuit at the same time. This allows for two, extremely tight and close, fields to be battling for their own race wins whilst also having to keep a firm eye on what is around them.

    An example of a British GT round and what you can expect from TTMT can be found here.

    Points System
    TTMT will follow the Official FIA Points System in both classes. This means that the Top 10 finishers in each class will be awarded points.
    The points system, for those that need refreshing, is as follows:
    1st - 25 Points
    2nd - 18 Points
    3rd - 15 Points
    4th - 12 Points
    5th - 10 Points
    6th - 8 Points
    7th - 6 Points
    8th - 4 Points
    9th - 2 Points
    10th - 1 Point
    11th and Below - 0 Points

    Bonus Point
    TTMT will feature a bonus point for the drivers who claim Pole Position in their respective classes. Meaning that both GT3 and GT4 pole will recieve an extra point.


    The TTMT calendar will consist of a 10 round season visiting the United Kingdom, United States of America, Japan, China, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

    The tracks listed below are also hyperlinked so that you can purchase them from the store.

    Round 1 (Saturday 3rd August) - Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari
    Round 2 (Saturday 17th August) - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
    Round 3 (Saturday 31st August) - Silverstone
    Round 4 (Saturday 14th September) - Sonoma Raceway
    Round 5 (Saturday 28th September) - Autodromo Nazionale Monza
    Round 6 (Saturday 12th October) - Twin Ring Motegi
    Round 7 (Saturday 26th October) - Mid-Ohio
    Round 8 (Saturday 9th November) - Nurburgring GP
    Round 9 (Saturday 23rd November) - Brands Hatch
    Round 10 (Saturday 30th November) - Zhuhai International Circuit

    Car Choice
    This season we will be utilising the GT3 and GT4 classes of cars provided by Raceroom.
    NOTE - You will only need to purchase one of these cars to be able to enter the server so long as you have the track
    NOTE 2 - Any additional skins that you wish to run will be purchasable from Raceroom on their store

    GT3 (Prices in GBP Included)
    GT3 store
    Audi R8 LMS - 3.58
    Audi R8 LMS ULTRA - 2.68
    BMW Alpina B6 GT3 - 2.68
    BMW M6 GT3 - 3.58
    BMW Z4 GT3 - 2.68
    Bentley Continental GT3 - 3.13
    Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R - 3.58
    Chevrolet Camaro GT3 - 1.79
    Chevrolet Corvette ZOR.R GT3 - 2.68
    Ford GT GT3 - 2.68
    Ford Mustang GT3 - 2.23
    McLaren 650s GT3 - 3.58
    McLaren MP4-12C - 2.95
    Mercedes AMG GT3 - 2.95
    Nissan GT-R GT3 - 2.68
    P4-5 Competizione GT3 - 2.68
    Porsche 911 GT3 R - 3.58

    GT4 (Prices in GBP Included)
    GT4 Store
    KTM X-BOW GT4 - 3.58
    Lotus Evora GT4 - 3.58
    Porsche Cayman GT4 CS MR - 3.58

    All the cars are balanced relative to each other. However, if you pick an older GT3 then you will run the potential risk of it being slower due to age and such.

    There is an alternate way to pay for the series

    "Go here buy the 10,000 vrp pack you can buy for one time the premium pack which contains everything in game at the time of purchase , after this you just buy vrp as needed and buy content you want or need"

    Race Day
    TTMT will utilise a dual race format for the races here. This means the race weekend will be as follows:

    Practice - Official Practice will begin at 5:30pm GMT/BST (London), 12:30pm EST/EDT (Florida) and last for an hour.
    Qualifying - The Qualifying session will begin at 6:30pm GMT/BST (London), 1:30pm EST/EDT (Florida) and last for 30 (Thirty) minutes.
    Race 1 - The First Race will begin at approximately 7:00pm GMT/BST (London), 2:00pm EST/EDT (Florida) and last for an hour.
    Race 2 - The Second Race will begin at apprixmately 8:00pm to 8:15pm GMT/BST (London), 3:00pm to 8:15pm EST/EDT (Florida) (dependant on length of break needed for drivers) and will last an hour.

    Important Information
    In the Qualifying session. Both classes will be on track at the same time. So please be aware of this fact when you are partaking in the session.
    The Races will feature a Mandatory Pitstop of no less than 90 seconds.
    The grid for Race 2 will be decided by reversing the Top 10 finishers of the first race in both classes. So 10th place in GT3 will start pole in GT3 (But will not gain a bonus point for pole position as this can only be earned in qualifying).

    Extra Information

    The server will be set to Get Real.
    This means that the assists allowed on the cars are as they would be for the real life drivers in the classes.
    This means that the assists are as follows:
    GT3 - TCS, ABS
    GT4 - TCS, ABS

    Tyre wear and Fuel Wear will be set to "on" or "x1" for you rFactor and Automobilista folk.

    How to sign up?
    To sign up. Please use the following template and reply below!

    Driver Name -
    Class -
    Car -
    Skin (If you know at this stage) -

    Contact Information
    If you need to ask any questions, inform me of an issue or ANYTHING then feel free to get hold of my on these social medias and i can happily respond (just make sure you tell me you're from CMS and talking about TTMT otherwise i will be confused as hell

    Discord - Alex | Chaos#2893
    Twitter - @alex_simracing

    See you on track!
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    Alex Skinner
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    Freelance Broadcaster (2016-Present)

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    How exciting!

    Driver Name - David Anderson
    Class - GT4
    Car - Porsche GT4
    Skin TBD
    david anderson | champion motorsports
    @info_cms | cms facebook | cms blogs

    my personal motorsports blog

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    Driver name: Jon Uyan
    Class: GT3
    Car: TBA
    __The view is great from moral high ground__

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    Driver Name - Chad Bartrum
    Class - GT4
    Car - Porsche Cayman GT4 CS MR
    Skin - Bodymotion Racing - #5

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    Driver Name - Dionysis Faraos
    Class - GT3
    Car - McLaren 650s GT3
    Skin - TBA

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    Driver Name - Dave Slee
    Class - GT3
    Car - BMW M6
    Skin Walkenhorst Motorsports-

    Not sure how many races I'll be able to make though
    Dave Slee (DaveS) #38

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    Driver Name - Taner Selvi
    Class - GT3
    Car - BMW
    Skin - Turner Motorsports
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    Driver Name - Magnar Haarstadsveen
    Class - GT3
    Car - BMW Z4
    Skin - Schubert motorsports #17

    See you guys on track, it is time to do some Circuit racing again, not only rallying.
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    Driver Name - Timon Soovik
    Class - GT4
    Car - Lotus Evora GT4
    Skin - Lotus Driving Academy #14

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnar View Post
    Driver Name - Magnar Haarstadsveen
    Class - GT3
    Car - BMW Z4
    Skin - Schubert motorsports #17

    If possible i want to change car after some testing.

    New car:
    Class - GT3
    Car - BMW M6 GT3
    Skin - ARTA #55

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