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Thread: Race Recap - GT3 Series at Spa-Francorchamp

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    Default Race Recap - GT3 Series at Spa-Francorchamp

    Post your stories below!!

    Race Results

    Fin Pos Start Pos Car # Name Car Out Interval Laps Led Average Lap Time Fastest Lap Time Fast Lap# Laps Comp Inc
    1 1 155 Paul Darling Mercedes AMG GT3 Running 0 30 02:16.966 02:14.854 15 33 20
    2 2 123 Leif Peterson Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -15.613 3 02:17.439 02:15.441 8 33 7
    3 3 188 Miguel Alcrudo Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1:06.630 0 02:18.985 02:15.959 11 33 23
    4 26 162 Angel Ledesma Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1:06.762 0 02:19.113 02:15.476 9 33 25
    5 11 279 Peter Hebron Audi R8 LMS Running -1:40.313 0 02:20.006 02:16.459 11 33 5
    6 14 260 Chuck Raymond BMW Z4 GT3 Running -1:42.039 0 02:19.883 02:17.390 18 33 9
    7 19 250 Rafael Sosa BMW Z4 GT3 Running -1:52.720 0 02:20.381 02:17.244 16 33 21
    8 20 297 John-Taylor Tami Audi R8 LMS Running -2:00.894 0 02:20.629 02:17.787 24 33 9
    9 13 320 Andrew Cheslock Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -2:09.606 0 02:20.651 02:18.247 11 33 11
    10 22 312 Christopher Rines BMW Z4 GT3 Running -1 L 0 02:21.314 02:18.197 25 32 24
    11 16 291 Jay Freels Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1 L 0 02:21.394 02:17.850 12 32 12
    12 10 211 Tim Collier Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1 L 0 02:21.421 02:16.845 17 32 17
    13 12 249 Jay Steffey BMW Z4 GT3 Running -1 L 0 02:21.978 02:17.894 28 32 13
    14 17 37 Scott Burke Mercedes AMG GT3 Running -1 L 0 02:22.038 02:17.822 5 32 27
    15 18 233 Joey Trungale Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1 L 0 02:22.146 02:17.490 9 32 21
    16 29 278 David Anderson Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1 L 0 02:22.222 02:18.300 31 32 23
    17 21 385 Phil Elmore Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1 L 0 02:23.787 02:19.274 14 32 17
    18 27 242 Adrian Herrera Audi R8 LMS Running -1 L 0 02:23.127 02:20.066 11 32 22
    19 25 379 Warren McGary Mercedes AMG GT3 Running -1 L 0 02:24.953 02:20.045 25 32 8
    20 8 169 Kenneth Rodriguez Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -2 L 0 02:27.551 02:17.160 9 31 29
    21 24 307 John Prince Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -2 L 0 02:27.682 02:19.422 18 31 15
    22 28 274 Matthew Overton Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -3 L 0 02:35.015 02:17.600 8 30 20
    23 4 143 Kris Hudson Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -5 L 0 02:45.688 02:16.429 27 28 20
    24 30 216 Anthony M James Mercedes AMG GT3 Running -6 L 0 02:51.713 02:18.237 20 27 27
    25 6 236 Lowesky D'Oleo Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -7 L 0 02:21.672 02:16.583 13 26 24
    26 7 117 Victor Tanaka Mercedes AMG GT3 Disconnected -15 L 0 02:19.434 02:15.521 15 18 17
    27 23 329 Raymond G Rodriguez Ferrari 488 GT3 Disqualified -17 L 0 02:45.086 02:18.743 8 16 30
    28 5 129 Marius Valiokas Audi R8 LMS Disconnected -22 L 0 02:17.622 02:15.751 4 11 11
    29 15 277 Paul Hamilton2 Ferrari 488 GT3 Disconnected -31 L 0 02:37.532 2 5
    30 9 29 Samuel Scott Mercedes AMG GT3 Disconnected -32 L 0 1 7
    31 31 324 John Addison Ferrari 488 GT3 Disconnected -33 L 0 0 0

    Congratulations to tonight's class winners:

    Pro Class

    1st - Paul Darling
    2nd - Leif Peterson
    3rd - Miguel Alcrudo

    AM Class

    1st - Peter Hebron
    2nd - Chuck Raymond
    3rd - Rafael Sosa

    Silver Class

    1st - Andrew Cheslock
    2nd - Christopher Rines
    3rd - Phil Elmore

    Current GT3 Series Point Standings
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    Great grid tonight! Congrats to all those podium finishers!

    Qualy - well only managed to do 1 clean lap, as always i find a way to not have a good qualy

    Race - at the end of the straight after getting in 3rd the car went completely loose on the rear and got stuck on the grass waiting for every car to pass. So great last position for me. The car just felt weird the whole race.. too loose on entry!! Just to find out that i uploaded watkins set up instead on the one i made for spa... it was fun coming from the back and the last 10 minutes a awesome battle with my teammate ledesma until i got draft on the straight, even do he didnt have tires at all it was so dificult to maintain pace with him.. after all i finished 3rd!! Other class cars worked the passing great! Thanks to all!

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    Not my best race, pretty much a hot mess lol. Guess I can’t take the pressure of the AM class .

    Got some damage in turn 1 that hurt my speed, was a second plus slower than practice. Oh well, suck it up buttercup, that’s racing. Trying to make the best of things and I spun in Pouhon. Still lap 1. Well I guess this is gonna be a long race.
    5 laps later I look down and see that I’m getting low on gas. Apparently I only filled it 2/3rds. Wowsers, can anything else go wrong.

    So quick recap, start P12, damage turn 1, spin later on lap 1 and go to last.

    Clawed my way back to 13th. Congratulations to all of the podium finishers!

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    Jay, I was sad panda watching you spin in front of me brother. We can punch each other in the throat another time! Will post my race thoughts when I get some actual work done a

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    First let me publicly apologize to Lowesky DíOleo for the tap coming out of La Source on lap one. We would have gotten away with it but after watching the replay, I was unfortunately tapped back into you from behind and thatís where we spun and dropped back in the field. No worries Tim, looks like you had nowhere to go.

    Tonight was an utter shit show with drivers not knowing when theyíre racing their class or not. Got taken out by an Am Driver after I had 1. Already established the race line, he comes down on me, we touch, and I gave massive amounts of room. I still make the pass and then 2. I get punted and spun going into Puhon by the same person. I mean címon guys. Learn to use your relative screens and see the numbers of the cars around you.

    If someone has established the race line and passes you, then itís time for you to deal with it. Theyíre faster than you!!! But to punt someone and turn them? And youíre not even racing for same class position? That was a real douche move. I had massive pace on the driver. Simple. I was just trying to work my way up cleanly to the front. Gave lots of room for people to race but didnít receive the same in return. Now I know how i have to race some people. Itís truly an unfortunate situation to come to this.

    Protest incoming.

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    That was an interesting race! Seems like we had some mayhem at the beginning I avoided. I managed to qualify p13, but in fairness, I had practiced with a sprint race the night before with Matt O. Did have some unfortunate contact in the last turn when in a group of AM cars, but I think that was a function of some close racing and cars that were faster in some portions of the twisties but nearly equal on the straights. For me at least, I struggle to find places to set someone up for an overtake at Spa, and I seemed to be fast in the sections where that wasn't a thing, which was what was happening before we had the minor contact sitch.

    So, from about lap 2 or 3 on, I had some damage. But, I basically stayed in the same place that whole time, and hung with that top group without much trouble even with my damage. That seems commendable to me! I eventually relented to JT, as the top ten was good enough, and coasted at the end.

    Thinking back about what, 2 months, I wasn't even sure if I could do a full race with you guys. Yet, here I am with all your help actually completing races and not being too slow. I find this whole experience astonishing and amazing at the same time. I even got some mini-split advice from Miguel for my enclosed porch race room!

    Beyond Miguel, I do owe Paul H and Matt O big thanks for helping me thus far during the VRS races, which translates to these races. Best place to Sim Race!

    PS - All of this also has me looking at Spec Pinatas and Spec Boxsters. Might to go Summit Point to watch SM last weekend of the month as a day trip....Need to un-fat a bit to go wheel to wheel though...

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    Sorry I didn't get to the starting grid last night. Was fighting a sick stomach if you know what I mean. Went on track during practice and car was ok but was some 10 sec off pace. For some reason I couldn't get thu T-18 without loosing the car. Didn't have that issue all week in testing?? Anyway was just un able to sit for too long. Was traveling home from work and stopped for lunch and I guess I wont ever eat there again.

    Positives new rig looked fantastic at night and all was running well on that end. Still not a fan of sim night races at such great circuits like Spa but anyway.
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    Had a great time working with my teammates Jon Prince and Phil Elmore last night. Congrats to Phil for his Podium in Silver!!! We all had our struggles, that were mostly self inflicted, at least on my end, but we stayed together, kept positive and fighting and all got the Longhorn cars to the finish! This was a fun yet challenge for sure in the dark.
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    Good race everyone. I had a terrible start since I forgot I had muted my spotter for a different race. So I was very surprised when the green came out with no spotter feedback. Luckily I only dropped to second. I followed Leif for a few laps, and was able to get a run onto the Kemmel straight to make the pass. From there I just tried to put my head down and keep putting in laps.

    Traffic was good for the most part, and I didnít really have any issues. Hopefully Iíll be able to make a few more races this season.
    Congrats to Pete and Andrew on their class wins!

    I saw a ton of names last night that I didnít recognize, so itís good to see a new influx of drivers here! Hope we can keep these grids up!
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