Would take our rFactor 2 Thursday night series to the next level. Don and Doug do an amazing job, but if someone could step up to volunteer and help them by taking 1-2 screenshots and writing up a short recap of the weekly races it would go a long way!

We do this simple thing in our iRacing Series and it gets 2-3 times the participation our rFactor 2 Series gets.
We have a good thing going here -- anyone want to volunteer to do some short, relevant recaps for us to help us get even more exposure and interest in the series?

once these recaps are written I am able to share them on the front page of our website and several social media outlets, We have a lot of visitors and followers at those top levels and so it would really help grow the series.

Doing this is really simple. All you have to do is take some screens, write up a short recap and post it on the forums like you would any other thread. I'll take it from there and make it front page news.

Any takers?