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Thread: 2019 NARS Summer Series - GT3s Rd 2 @ Portland - Results, Replays & Recap

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    Default 2019 NARS Summer Series - GT3s Rd 2 @ Portland - Results, Replays & Recap

    Race #1
    Race #2

    Race #1
    Race #2
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    Well, I didn't take the Radical. Kept my promise, Jon!

    This was fun:

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    Race 1
    Pretty uneventful. No offs. No passes.

    Race 2
    I thought I had my strategy all worked out. I planned to use a single set of medium tires and just stop for fuel. I never seem to get the pitstop settings correct. But this time as I sat on the starting grid waiting for the race to start I quickly scrolled to the pit stop screen and changed the tire option to "no tires". All set! On the first couple laps I went a bit wide on turn 1 and allowed some cars past. Then I had a few bumps with people trying to get positions back unsuccessfully. Luckily I didn't hurt anyone that I know of. I was chasing Tom Nasella when I got to half distance and dove into the pits. I wondered if my strategy would get me out in front of him? I came to a stop and checked the time the pitstop was going to take..... 90 seconds!!!! I had completely forgotten that I had picked up a bit of bodywork damage. And my crew had decided they were going to fix it. I sat there kicking myself. It seems you can't change any of the options on the pitstop screen once the pitstop has started. So I sat there for a while and lamented. Then I realized you can hit "spacebar" to skip repairs even after a pitstop has started. So I ended up hitting the spacebar and screaming out of the pits. But I had sat there for a good 30 seconds extra figuring that out. So not only did I lose time, I didn't get the car repaired! Oh well, another lesson learned for me. No matter how much pitstop setup you do before the race starts, ALWAYS check that pitstop screen after you press the "pit" button and see what your crew is planning to do!
    I never did catch Tom after that.

    Good racing though!

    Looking forward to the next one.


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    I had a really fun time last night and raced pretty well too which was nice. I have been improving some with rFactor 2 the more laps I get with the sim. I think I may have thrown away the Am-Class win though to Steve when I had an off in turn 2 overdriving in on entry while battling with JT Tami. It wasn't JT's fault at all it was all me, I was on the outside and should have just given him the line before the corner. It was too narrow there or at least too narrow for my talent level But I managed to battle back to a solid finish anyways. You guys are awesome what a great result!
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    Same track as last week but a completely different result for me. Higher downforce meant I was constantly being caught on the straights and passed in the braking zones. Couldn't push through the esses like I wanted to get good lap times. That combined with phantom cut tracks (and some mental errors) coming onto the back straight made for a pretty miserable result.

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    Watched Greg's stream last night...was still wondering why he didn't overtake me after I went off in the final corners in Race 1. I almost assumed he was setting up for Race 2, but that didn't make much sense since it was only one position and the points are valuable.

    Had to .....that reaction to realizing he'd let me back on track and across the line first, after having me dead to rights, hilarious. Still chuckling.

    I couldn't do much fighting...didn't quite have the pace anyways, but in a straight line I was being slaughtered by some others. Mostly just force em to work for it a bit, then let em by. Had nothing, even on good rubber. After 20-25 minutes, mostly just doing what the car will do and not overdriving those limits. Balance shifts so much on Porsche, and the tires fall off a lot.

    More than once a bit of pressure from a car behind me caught me watching the mirrors rather than driving in front of me. A few times that ended with me missing a braking point, sliding off (similar to the way I slid off being chased at the end of Race 1)
    ...apparently I was tired. I usually don't succumb to pressure quite that easily, but found myself doing so the other night. Mistake after mistake when pressured. Got to get that under control.

    Decent races for me though, considering. I'll definitely take a couple P5 finishes when that far off pace of the front runners.

    Grats to the winners and podiums, and I'm looking forward to the next one.
    See everyone there.

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    I honestly had no clue where you were, and was afraid of getting speared if you couldn't slow down on the grass. Safety first!

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    Quote Originally Posted by doughboy1013 View Post
    I honestly had no clue where you were, and was afraid of getting speared if you couldn't slow down on the grass. Safety first!
    Yeah, sorry about that. Let myself get pressured into overshooting the corner (damned 2D screens and those enormous blind spots!)
    Always reluctant to go two deep, especially if the other car is just off my driver's door. Always have a hard time determining if I've cleared or not. In the stream, it looks ridiculous (me, not you) as I had all the room in the world and still went too deep, too hard.

    I'd nearly slowed by the time I hit the grass though. Saw it coming so just chucked it off in the grass to keep her pointed the right direction.
    Honestly, had I known you slowed because of that, I'd have sat back and gave you the position. I really thought (at the time, though later didn't make much sense) you backed off for different reasons.

    One day, I'll quit driving in my mirrors so much. Unfortunately, that day was not last Thursday night

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