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Thread: 2019 NARS Summer Series - Rd 2 - Porsche Cup @ Portland - Results, Replay & Recap

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    Was pretty happy with my race. Just had one loss of focus coming into turn 1 and missed my braking point. That sent me into the grass but I didn't lose too much time. Came out behind Jon and Matt who were battling hard. I benefited from a few mistakes and was able to get past and back into 4th. Norm had an off that gave me another spot and then it was a chase to get to Don. Ended up just barely jumping him in the pits and into T1 to take 2nd. From there it was just about being smooth and hoping my tires would last.

    Ended up running higher pressures on the left side to save a little bit of tire wear. That and trying to limit the number of lockups let the tires last the full race. Ended up with about 20% left and there was no real loss of grip even with high wear. Good tight racing with everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Fryman View Post
    Cool results information, thanks!

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    Pretty much spot on what I was doing Derek, but if I had caught on I would most likely just sat on your bumper and let us knock off laps. I'm better at chasing than I am at leading. I tend to drive in my mirror and think I need to move over and let people by all the time and usually at the wrong time.
    I don't think I push the car hard enough to burn up the tires and I think my fastest lap was in the closing laps on well worn in tires.

    And ditto your last two statements. I've learned alot in a short time here and the patience shown by da fast guys is awesome.

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